Top 8 Zombie Weapons

To survive the apocalypse you must be able to defend yourself. Dust settles, zombie crawl out of their shacks. It’s time to attack.

If you intend hunt zombies, consider two points:

  • They are much slower, which means you need to act quickly. Anything that can quickly hit and get away.
  • They are most often in groups. Use murder weapon from a certain distance and not have to fight with the group in melee.

Both items will give you some advantage if you can choose the right one. weapon. Take from the list as much as possible to select type of fight was in your hands (depending on the situation).

Eighth place – baseball bat

Good old baseball bat – great weapon against zombies, if not found something more abruptly. It will spoil their appearance, and if they also wipe it properly … Perfectly suited for dealing with numerous groups. zombary: stunning one can move on.

If a bits it will not be with itself, a thick stick-baton will cope not worse. And add a little barbed wire and nails – deal with zombie in the blink of an eye!

Seventh – mace

Your usual mace or with a chain, it is useful as a last resort. Not as effective as an ax or a knife, for it requires brute force for delivering each blow. Much slower than any other weapons, but compensates for the low speed so that each blow deals more damage with this creatures.

Also, if required weapon, and the other could not be found, you can do mace from virtually nothing. Just take a thick log, wrap it with rusty metal, or hit a few sharp objects. The toy is ready. Suitable if there is no other choice and need to get rid of zombie.

The sixth is the sword

Great weapon if you own it. With well-placed strikes, you can inflict a lot of damage and quickly withdraw creature out of service. The correct sword in good hands will be the best melee weapon during apocalypse.

However, use a sword against zombies not as easy as it sounds. If you don’t know how to handle him, he can get stuck in the undead – you will remain without weapons and in danger. Do not choose a sword as the main weapon if you are not able to use it.

Fifth – the ax

Another great weapon against zombies, like the “knife” mentioned above. May cause death blows from close range so fast that zombie, having no chance, the crowds will fall to the ground. A magical way to get out of battle alive.

Also, like knives, most people use two axes in battle: one in each hand, which is even more destructive for zombie. You can also throw an ax from a decent distance to cut them down before they get close. The only time a well-placed shot will kill each time.

The ax can also be used for cutting trees and firewood in peacetime. This is another advantage of this weapon that allows stay alive.

Fourth – knives

Great weapon to start a fight against zombies: light, does not take up much space and can cause numerous injuries. If you wield a knife, aim at vital organs and move quickly. In the middle of a few shots before these beasts will go to you.

Most people use one in each hand, which gives double damage for the same amount of time. When you master the art of knife fighting, you can wear a few knives on your belt and throw them in the enemy, to deal damage and ranged.

The great thing about knives is that they fit perfectly into the picture. survival in the apocalypse. You can use it for skinning, cutting ropes and in other survival activities. A great tool for both survival and defense.

Third place – grenades

They will be difficult to find during the apocalypse, but they are worth it. Grenades are the best choice if you are considering zombie hunt in large quantities. If you manage to concentrate them in one place, then the only grenade can kill more than 50 at once. beasts.

Keep an eye on military warehouses and other places where explosives can be found. And go there when the time comes against zombies.

Second place – bow or crossbow

A great ranged weapon for many reasons: inflicts a lot of damage and can flood zombie, if you shoot straight. In addition, it quickly recharges and is very quiet.

You can replenish the stock of arrows, even after use, which makes bows and crossbows one of the best weapons. It is also easy to make the arrows yourself if they suddenly run out. It is believed that the crossbow will be the main weapon during zombie apocalypse.

First and foremost – firearms

If you hope to spoil some zombary In the fastest way, a gun is the best option: it quickly wets and reloads quickly. A shotgun is perfect for short distances, while an assault rifle is needed for general use.

In the use of firearms against zombies only drawback: cartridges are required. Without a local hunting store, it will be difficult to find ammunition when they run out. Have this in mind. Spend ammo sparingly and collect everything you can find.

Shooting a firearm – the event is quite loud, which means it will attract the attention of others beasts in this district. If you do not plan to fight with the whole city, choose a quieter weapon.

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Top 8 Zombie Weapons

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