Tourist guide, orientation, accommodation, search for water sources, allowance.

, find water sources, arrange a night, light a fire, cook food. You will find answers to these and other questions in this book.. 

The purpose of the book is a tourist guide to equip people walking in a mountainous forest area with the knowledge necessary for survival in an autonomous location. It gives an idea of ​​the geological structure of the terrain, climatic conditions, edible and dangerous representatives of flora and fauna, organization of a bivouac, solitary overcoming of natural obstacles and self-medication.

Recommended survival measures (using live trees for various needs, digging out roots, catching animals, picking eggs, etc.) are applicable only in critical cases when a person is left alone with nature as a result of emergency landing, loss of equipment and satellites, or lost for a long time.

Book Contents Tourist Guide.


Overcoming stress caused by an emergency.

Chapter 1. Characteristics of the mountainous areas.

Climatic features of the Western Caucasus.
Environmental Protection Methods.

Chapter 2. Orientation. The choice of overnight. Search for water sources.

Orientation of the heavenly bodies.
By local subjects and natural landscape.
Orientation to the compass.
Map orientation.
Map Orientation Errors.
The first way to orient.
The second way of orientation.
Comparison of two methods of orientation.
True azimuth and magnetic azimuth.
Overnight choice.
Search for water sources.

Chapter 3. Bivouac. Housing.

Cooking utensils.

Chapter 4. Edible wild plants.

Fruit and berry.
Root vegetables.
Leafy and stem vegetable.
Tea drink.
Used designations of parts of plants.
Table of distribution of plants by altitude zones and seasons.

Chapter 5. Animal kingdom, hunting and fishing.

Chapter 6. Overcoming Natural Obstacles.

Grassy slopes and talus.
Glaciers and ice slopes.
Snow slopes.
Rocky areas.
Descent organization.
Crossing mountain rivers.

Chapter 7. First-aid medical care.

Tourist guide, orientation, accommodation, search for water sources, manual

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