Tourist knife Sable production Kizlyar, a brief overview.

Tourist knife Sable made by Kizlyar is a small and convenient knife with a fixed blade, which is suitable for most of the work that may occur during the campaign. 

Tourist knife Sable production Kizlyar, a brief overview.

Its main characteristics, the manufacturer claimed / is real.

Full length: 218/221 mm
Blade Length: 104/103 mm
Blade thickness: 3.6 / 3.6, tip 1.6, at the cutting edge 1.1 mm
Stick thickness: 25 mm wide, 15 mm narrow
Stick width: at mid-rivet 31 mm
Shape of the blade: convex butt, tapering to the tip of the blade
Blade Material: 65X13 Corrosion Resistant Steel
Sharpening: wedge
Handle: Caucasian nut; stainless steel shelves
Construction: dies riveted to the shank
Scabbard: genuine leather belt scabbard

Sable is etched on the left side of the blade. Under it is stylized the muzzle of this animal. On the right side is the inscription KIZLYAR and the logo, the letter K in a circle.

Small in length, but at the same time of sufficient thickness, the Sobol knife blade is convenient for performing both small tasks, cleaning and cutting products, and for more labor-intensive ones, such as complex woodwork. The handle has a comfortable hold when performing various kinds of work. In doubt, its resistance to prolonged exposure to moisture.

At the first acquaintance, the knife disposes of itself, cuts paper, good build quality, a handle of a short-handler (with a palm width of 9.5 cm), a convenient-sized blade. The knife in the sheath sits tight, the extraction is convenient, but requires some effort. Due to the stiffness of the sheath, inserting a knife into them is not a problem and is intuitive.

The scabbard is made well and soundly but leaves a negative impression. It is clear that simplicity of manufacture was taken as the basis, but the appearance is very spoiled by the inside-out skin, which is used to form a loop for hanging on a belt. The sheath does not provide a convenient location of the knife due to its low functionality. No suspension options. The scabbard suspension is possible only on the belt, which does not add to their attractiveness.

Not knowing where to hang Sable, we just put it in our pocket with the scabbard, of course, it’s uncomfortable, but there are no problems when getting into the car, bending and squats.

Tourist knife Sable production Kizlyar, a brief overview.

The Sable knife was used, but minimally loaded. He touched a wooden stick. In the process of preparing the ribs, it turned out that they burn due to the thickness. It was decided to cut them into pieces. Sable did just fine, but the handle is too small for a gloved hand.

Tourist knife Sable production Kizlyar, a brief overview.

Conclusions about the Sable knife.

It is a very convenient and practical knife for small one-two-day trips to nature or picnics. Small overall dimensions and weight, plus a well-chosen blade length, will surely make this knife your constant companion during all outings or hiking the weekend.

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