Tourist tents: how to choose?

It is impossible to imagine a hike with an overnight stay without a tent. It makes you more comfortable, gives you more comfort, gives you more comfort. Developed many varieties suitable for different occasions. What are the best option for you? About this is below.

How to choose a tent?

Seeing the number of varieties and even the eyes spread! No wonder others panic. How to choose this option? Take your time and do not panic. Methodically select the options that are appropriate for detailed comparison, immediately discarding inappropriate.

Depending on the size of the tourist tents are:

  • for one person;
  • 1-2 places;
  • 3 seater;
  • designed for 3-4 people;
  • six-seater.

For a larger group of people camping tents are suitable. This is not a real portable fabric house.

Bivouac equipment

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