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I was learning traditional martial arts over the past 42 years, starting to train in 1988, I’ve seen that they are completely ineffective most of the time.

I still do not misunderstand traditional martial arts, therever. I understand the difference between traditional martial arts thoroughbirth and thought-out combat systems such as Pramek, Modern Combat Systems, Combat Sambo, Krav Magi, Fairbairn systems and many others.

Need to protect both modern weapons as well as the effectiveness of efficiency.

I urge them to mentor themselves for a team of students. Learn something from them. I was very lucky – I learned from the best combat operators law enforcement officers who are taught at all. And what are the obstacles to overcome! If you are a person, you can be a very effective combat system and instructor.

What traditional martial arts can teach:

Discipline, kinesthetic awareness, fitness, flexibility, limited applied self defense, how to beat a beat and take a punch (on some systems).

What traditional martial arts cannot teach:

Assault rioters, combat defensive tactics confronting him.

And again. Understand, I deeply respect traditional martial arts, I received them. Nevertheless, there is a high percentage of efficiency and a dismissal of the enemy.

About the author. Dr. John M, Landry, (retired police lieutenant). Since 1995, he has been working in the following areas: Rifle training (pistol, shotgun, rifle), General tactical training, Using TAZER, Of firearms, Training, as close to reality. John Landry also trained with some of the best instructors. traditional martial arts, for the war in Iraq.

Source – Why Traditional Martial Arts Are Not Designed for Modern Self-Defense

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