Traditional recipes and options for preparing natural ground coffee from various peoples of the world.

The simplest and most common recipe for making natural ground coffee is, in fact, a set of mandatory techniques and rules necessary for preparing this drink in all other ways. Coffee beans must be roasted before cooking in a small cast-iron skillet for several minutes. 

Traditional recipes and options for preparing natural ground coffee from various peoples of the world.

Of course, this is not topping, which is necessary for green grains, but only a slight warming of the available ones. At the same time, the grain should not be “roughened” too much – they can overcook and become bitter. After the grains have cooled, they are still poured warm into the coffee grinder and ground. It is recommended to do medium grinding, as coarsely ground coffee slowly brews and loses flavor, while fine coffee poorly settles to the bottom and makes the drink unclear.

Traditional recipes and options for preparing natural ground coffee from various peoples of the world.

And now the standard recipe for the preparation of natural ground coffee. The ratio between the amount of water and coffee depending on the taste can vary. Usually it’s 10-12 g (1-2 teaspoons) of ground coffee per 180 g of water, and for coffee of double strength, the same amount of powder per 90 g of water.

Boil water, rinse the coffee pot well with boiling water and immediately pour half of the prepared portion of ground coffee into it. Pour boiling water over the coffee; close the lid tightly. After 2 minutes, pour in the rest of the powder and add hot water to the required proportion. The coffee pot should be heated over low heat, in no case bringing the contents to a boil. After 5 minutes, the coffee is ready.

Algerian ground coffee recipe.

4 g of coffee, 2 ml of egg liqueur, 20 g of cream, 20 ml of water. Pour freshly ground coffee into a coffee machine, pour cold water, bring to a boil, remove from heat, then let it boil again. Coffee should settle for 2 minutes, after which it is necessary to add 1 teaspoon of cold water to it and put on fire for 1 minute. In a thick-walled glass pour a serving of cream, liquor and then a thin stream of coffee.

The recipe for ground coffee in Arabic.

1-2 teaspoons of finely ground coffee, 1 piece of sugar, 80 g of water. It is well known that the best, most delicious coffee is prepared by Arabs. According to the description of many authors, coffee making is nothing more than a real ceremony, which prepares guests to feel something pleasant. It begins with the fact that green coffee grains are roasted in cups filled with hot charcoal, and then each grain is taken out with tweezers and carefully inspected.

If it is not roasted or burned, it is immediately thrown away. Only those grains that have acquired the necessary color and condition are ground with an iron pestle in a wooden mortar to the finest powder. A precisely measured amount of powder is poured into a cezve, an appropriate amount of cold water is poured and brought to a boil very slowly. After this, the coffee is poured into a clay vessel and only then poured into small cups.

There are modified versions of this method, which are also attributed to the Arabs. For example, half a portion of water is poured into a small coffee pot (cezve), sugar is added to taste and put on fire. When the water boils, pour finely ground coffee, mix and put it on fire again. After boiling add the rest of the water, mix and put on fire again.

It is necessary to regulate the heating so that the foam rises several times. After this, the coffee must be removed from the heat, let it brew for 1-2 minutes and pour hot into the cups. Sometimes a little cinnamon is added to sugar syrup before brewing coffee.

Armenian coffee recipe.

2 teaspoons of coffee, 1 slice of refined sugar, 3 drops of Armenian cognac of any age, 3 drops of alcohol, 100 ml of water. Prepare strong black coffee without sugar, pour into cups. Put a piece of sugar in a teaspoon, pour cognac and alcohol on it, set fire to it. When the flame goes out, pour the burnt sugar into a cup and mix.

Bedouin coffee recipe.

Coffee is prepared for 18–20 hours in hot sand. Water slowly evaporates. In the process of such a gradual sublimation, a caffeine concentrate is obtained, which is then poured into a cup in a few drops. Only a few drops of a peculiar thick oily liquid of almost black color of incredibly strong aroma always pour to the bottom of the cup.

They drink it in small sips, be sure to drink it with cold water. Coffee is called “Bedouin” because only the Bedouins have the patience and time to prepare it, but it is still a symbol of hospitality in Saudi Arabia.

Berlin coffee recipe.

1 1/2 cups of chilled strong coffee, 4 small cups of cherry juice (syrup), 4 cups of condensed milk, powdered sugar if desired. Mix all components, make sure that they are evenly distributed and the mass becomes homogeneous. Pour the finished drink into cups, sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Bulgarian coffee melange recipe.

30 g of roasted coffee beans, 500 ml of milk, 75 g of sugar. Grind coffee, pour into a coffee pot, pour boiling milk, sweeten with sugar, close the lid and cook for 4-5 minutes. Remove from heat, pour into cups previously rinsed with boiling water, drink hot.

Brazilian ground coffee recipe.

2 teaspoons of coffee, 1/4 teaspoon of cocoa, sugar to taste, 1 small cup of rum, 40 ml of cream, 100 ml of water. Prepare a hot drink from water, sugar and cocoa, add coffee. Boil the mixture, then strain, if necessary – sweeten and pour into cups, but so that they remain incomplete. Aromatize coffee with rum, pouring it in the amount desired by the consumer. Put cream on top.

Hungarian Coffee Recipe.

Hungarian coffee has two features. The first concerns the fact that in the language of all lovers of this drink is called “fortress.” She is extraordinary. The second – it should be a little in a cup. Here is the most common norm among Hungarians: 6 g of coffee per 50 g of water. The rest of the preparation of coffee in Hungarian is not significantly different from how it is done with other recipes.

Today in Hungary mainly coffee is made with automatic coffee makers. However, the Hungarians do not forget the proverb that has been around for a long time: “Good coffee should be black as the devil, hot as hellfire and sweet as a kiss.” True, it resembles Tyler’s formula, but that is, that is. There is also a joke that the inhabitants of Budapest drink almost two tributaries of the Danube in the form of coffee.

Viennese coffee recipe.

3/4 cup of strong black coffee, brewed according to the usual recipe, 2 teaspoons of sugar, 40 g of cream whipped with 1 teaspoon of sugar, vanilla, chocolate chips. Coffee in Vienna deserves a special discussion. In relation to him, the crowns are extremely finicky. To order coffee in Vienna is a whole science, without knowing which you will fall into a trap and instead of a branded drink you will get a “passing option”.

Just asking here for “coffee” with its many varieties means revealing a blatant “coffee” illiteracy. In Vienna, strong black coffee is only mocha. The Vienna “melange” varies depending on the amount of milk: “brown”, “golden”, “lighter”, “darker”, coffee on the contrary, “capuchiner” – dark brown, the color of a hoodie by a monk-capuchin.

Gourmets will ask for coffee with the addition of rum or cognac, and aristocrats will prefer the “imperial melange” (with the addition of egg yolk). Turkish coffee is served here only in the Turks, but can be filtered at the request. The options depending on the addiction to cream are divided into: “Separa” (coffee and milk separately), “Fiacre”, “Mozargan”, “Margiloman”, “Consul”, etc..

Sugar should certainly be served on a silver tray, put a spoon not on a saucer, but on a glass of water. So that which is often presented in many books as “Viennese coffee” will quite surprise the unflappable crowns. Nevertheless, the following is a recipe that came into use as Viennese coffee and Viennese coffee..

Pour sugar in hot coffee, poured into glasses at 3/4 of their height, put whipped cream on top with a spoon. For lovers, you can add a little vanillin and sprinkle with chocolate chips. It is allowed to serve the cream separately in a bowl or vase on a front plate with a teaspoon for unfolding. Cream should be 35% fat, chilled.

Oriental ground coffee recipe.

In different publications, it is called both coffee in Turkish and coffee in Arabic, but if you strictly adhere to the rules, it is still different, albeit similar, drinks. Moreover, oriental coffee is not only a method of preparation, but also a special ritual, and it is not surprising that such coffee can be really tasty. It is obtained with pleasant bitterness, has a specific taste, infusion, color and aroma. Here is one of the most common ways to make coffee in Eastern.

Mix finely ground coffee in a cezve with sugar, lightly fry, pour cold water. The water is recommended to be soft, without salt impurities, and if there is none, you can take chilled boiled water. Place the cezve on a small fire and bring its contents to a boil (do not boil). A light foam should form on the surface..

If for some reason it does not appear, you can let the coffee rise again. If the cezve has a decent appearance, coffee along with the grounds should be served without pouring into cups, which are placed on a tray separately. To coffee in a glass serve cold water with ice or slightly acidified. Drink each sip of coffee with cold water – this is the eastern tradition. Bookmark rate: 10 g of coffee, sugar to taste, 100 ml of water.

Dutch coffee recipe.

1/2 cup of hot strong coffee, 1 glass of aerocognac (egg brandy), 1 tbsp. a spoonful of whipped cream, a small amount of cocoa powder. Pour freshly prepared strong coffee into large coffee cups and add a little cognac. Top with whipped cream and sprinkle cocoa.

Georgian coffee recipe.

10 g of coffee, 15 g of sugar, 2 ml of brandy or brandy, 30 ml of cream, 3 g of chocolate powder, 17 ml of water. This coffee is prepared in a special way. First make golden caramel from sugar and pour it into cups. In a sauce-boat, heat and light a liquor, pour it on caramel in cups with a burning one and put out the prepared coffee. Serve whipped cream with coffee, carefully layering them on the coffee. Sprinkle with grated chocolate (powder) and serve.

Egyptian coffee recipe.

Pour half a serving of water into a cezve (Turku) and add sugar to taste. Put a vessel of water on the fire and wait until it boils. Then remove from heat, add fine-grained coffee, add the missing amount of boiling water and put it on fire again. A thick foam will quickly form in the cezve. It is necessary to ensure that it becomes denser, because the taste and aromatic qualities of the drink depend on this, but in no case allow a boiling boil. Immediately, without giving a minute to settle, pour the coffee into cups and serve. The rate of coffee powder and water is selected according to individual taste, but usually it is a very high concentration.

Spanish Coffee Recipe.

Coffee 10 g, water 100 ml, white rum 20 ml, cream. Make coffee according to the usual recipe, add rum, pour into small cups and put cream in them.

Irish Coffee Recipe.

For 6 servings: 200 g of whipped cream, 2 tbsp. tablespoons granulated sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, 170 g Irish whiskey, 6 tbsp. tablespoons of yellow sugar, 6 cups of freshly brewed French coffee (medium) roasted (ordinary or caffeine-free). In a chilled pan, whip the cream with vanilla until the cream becomes more dense and foamy. Pour in 25 cups of whiskey 25-30 ml of Irish whiskey, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of yellow sugar and freshly brewed coffee. Mix everything thoroughly. Carefully add whipped cream and serve immediately..

Italian coffee recipe.

In Italy, as nowhere else, the cult of coffee is widespread. According to Italians, no one but them is able to make real coffee. True, Brazilians and Arabs adhere to the same opinions about others. The Italians have good reason to evaluate their skills in this area, because the first coffee shop opened in Venice. They gave the world “coffee expresso”, devices that extract the maximum amount of aromatic substances from coffee using steam.

They have a Neapolitan coffee maker – another pride of Italians. It consists of two metal vessels, between which two filters form a cavity for coffee powder and extraction is carried out using steam.

1 teaspoon of ground coffee, 10 teaspoons of milk, sugar to taste. Brew coffee in milk, strain directly into a cup. Serve granulated sugar separately.

Caribbean ground coffee recipe.

For 8 servings: 1 medium-sized coconut, 2 cups milk 2% fat, 4 cups highly roasted Costa Rican coffee with a high caffeine content, 1 teaspoon sugar. In a coconut, use a nail and a hammer to make two holes. Pour coconut milk into a saucepan with a long handle, and bake the nut in the oven at a temperature of 150 degrees for 30 minutes, then the pulp will easily separate from the shell. Finely chop the pulp of the nut, you get about 1 cup.

Put a saucepan with coconut milk on a small fire, put the pulp of a nut into it and pour 2 cups of milk. Heat until foam appears, then strain. Bake the remaining pulp of the nut in the oven or fry in a pan. Pour the same amount of hot coffee and hot milk into warmed cups, add sugar. Top with toasted walnut flesh. Coffee has a rich “tropical” aroma. Serving it with popsicles makes it a light dessert..

Karelian or Finnish coffee recipe.

Mix the right amount of ground coffee with a raw egg or just yolk, lower the mass into a coffee pot and pour boiling water. Put the pot on the fire and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and let stand. The drink turns out to be clarified, as all the thick with the egg boiled in boiling water will be at the bottom of the coffee pot. It is possible, as the Karelians and Finns did in the past, to lighten coffee, use the dried skin of fish or fish scales.

Cuban ground coffee recipe.

It is prepared only from coffee grown in Cuba in areas with a special climate and soil. Cuban coffee does not differ in aroma, but it is surprisingly strong, for which it is appreciated in the world market. Coffee in Cuba is prepared on the principle of “more coffee, less water”, it turns out unusually thick and invigorating. Moreover, it is sweetened so much that it looks more like liquor.

At home, coffee is prepared as follows. In a funnel of dense flannel fall asleep 1 tbsp. spoon with the top of ground coffee for one cup, put more sugar, brew with boiling water, and the coffee is ready. Served in miniature cups for two or three sips, no more.

Lithuanian coffee recipe.

10 g of coffee, 100 ml of water, protein of one egg, sugar, cognac. Beat chilled protein into a stable foam. Brew coffee, filter, add sugar and boil again. Pour cognac into coffee, put whipped protein in the same cup, sprinkle sugar on top and put the cup in the preheated oven. When the surface is tinted, coffee can be brewed.

Moorish ground coffee recipe.

3 tbsp. tablespoons finely ground coffee, 2 pinches of black pepper and cinnamon, 6 tbsp. tablespoons of sugar, 5 cups of water, 1 coffee spoon of rose water. Put coffee, sugar, pepper and cinnamon in a cezve. Mix everything, add water and put on low heat. As soon as the foam begins to rise, immediately remove the cezve from the heat and add rose water dropwise to the resulting drink. Serve hot coffee, strainer through a strainer.

The recipe for ground coffee in Malaysian.

1 teaspoon with top of ground coffee, 2 teaspoons of sugar, a small slice of vanilla stick, 1 cup of water. Dilute the indicated amount of sugar in water and allow to boil. In a boiling syrup, before filling the coffee, add a tiny piece of real vanilla, but in no case vanilla sugar. After that, after removing the boiling water from the fire for a short time, pour in the required amount of ground coffee, put back on fire, let it boil only once and immediately pour into cups.

Mexican Coffee Recipe.

9 g of a mixture of coffee with cocoa, 30 g of sugar, 100 ml of water, cream. Brew a drink of ground coffee mixed with cocoa powder in a 1: 1 ratio. Before serving, add cream (or condensed milk), mix well, strain. Separate sugar.

Polish ground coffee recipe.

Pour 1–2 teaspoons with top of freshly ground coffee into scalded boiling water cups, pour boiling water over it, stirring constantly. Foam should form on the surface. The cup should be covered with a saucer and allowed to brew for 7-8 minutes, after which you can drink coffee.

Roman ground coffee recipe.

1 teaspoon with the top of freshly ground coffee, ice cubes, an incomplete coffee spoon of powdered sugar and ground cinnamon, cognac. Put ice cubes in a refractory glass cup, sprinkle with powdered sugar and pour hot coffee, seasoned with cinnamon. Aromatize the mixture with a little cognac, stir well and serve..

Romanian coffee recipe.

1 teaspoon of coffee, 1 teaspoon of powdered sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of cocoa, 1 cup of water, a little vanilla. Mix coffee, sugar and cocoa and pour into a cezve, pour water and put on fire, but do not bring to a boil. Remove from heat and pour a pinch of vanilla. Let stand a little and pour in the cups.

North American Coffee Recipe.

15 g of black freshly ground coffee, 100 ml of water. Roast coffee without adding sugar. Rinse the coffee brewing vessel with boiling water and place in a water bath. Pour in it ground, well-roasted coffee and gradually pour boiling water in a spoon after a spoon. Pour into cups and serve.

The recipe for ground coffee in Serbian.

15 g of freshly ground coffee, 10 g of sugar, 120 ml of water. Pour water into a cezve of an appropriate volume and put on fire. When the water boils, pour part of it, pour coffee and bring to a boil again. After that, remove the cezve from the fire, pour in the remaining water, cover with a lid, usually a saucer, and let stand for 0.5–1 minutes. Serve in a cezve, and the consumer himself must pour the coffee into small cups.

Sicilian ground coffee recipe.

4 cups of strong coffee, prepared according to a selected recipe, usually in Turkish. Juice from 1 1/2 lemon, which is prepared and filtered immediately before serving coffee. To the finished hot coffee add lemon juice and mix well. Factory-made juice from cans is unsuitable. Sugar can be added as desired. Pour into glasses and serve.

Tunisian coffee recipe.

3 tbsp. tablespoons finely ground coffee, 6 coffee spoons of powdered sugar, 5 cups (coffee) of cold water, 2 coffee spoons of pink water. Pour coffee, sugar into a cezve, stir and pour cold water so that it does not reach the edge by 2-3 cm. Put on fire and slowly heat over low heat, stirring every 5 minutes. When the foam begins to rise and reaches the edges, remove from heat, add rose water. At the same time, the drink can no longer be stirred, it is only necessary to shake 2-3 times lightly so that the foam settles. Pour hot into small cups and serve.

Turkish coffee recipe.

At will, Turkish coffee is prepared, very sweet, medium sweet, bitter, thick, frothy, but never use milk at the same time. For proper preparation of coffee in Turkish, a number of conditions must be observed. Firstly, the water should be softened, without salts and other impurities, and if there is none, it is better to take distilled or boiled. Secondly, a very slow and very short-term heating is required, and the moment of boiling should last literally seconds.

It is for this purpose that a Turk (cezve) is needed – a special pear-shaped vessel with a thickened bottom made of copper, silver, in extreme cases cupronickel, and a roasting pan filled with sand with small pebbles, into which a Turk is placed in the recess in heated sand. The frying pan must be uniform and constant to ensure that the contents of the cezve are slowly contacted with fire..

Thirdly, it is important to grind coffee, which should be as thin as possible in the form of dust or powder. In some establishments, fractions passing through a sieve with a mesh size of not more than 0.63 mm are sieved from ready-ground coffee. Of course, only freshly roasted coffee is used for grinding.

The steps for making coffee in Turkish are dictated by taste, habit, and consumer experience. Some bring the water poured into the Turk to a boil and then pour coffee and sugar. The latter slows the boiling process and at the same time makes it more noticeable. Others first mix coffee with sugar, pour the mixture with the necessary amount of cold water and, with weak heating, bring to a boil, but not a boiling one, but only before the rise and the formation of thick foam. The method is more preferable, since before the moment of boiling water, more aromatic and flavoring substances are extracted from coffee.

The boiled coffee is removed from the heat for a few seconds, then brought back to a boil and immediately poured into small cups. If you want to get coffee without foam, then as soon as it is removed from the fire, pour 2-3 drops of cold water. Since sugar is not an obligatory component when brewing coffee in Turkish, its quantity varies depending on the taste.

In order to get a thicker and sweeter coffee, put 1 teaspoon of coffee and 2-3 teaspoons of sugar on one cup, achieving a favorite concentration. It should be remembered that sugar slightly softens the water in which coffee is brewed..

Turkish coffee is prepared immediately before serving and served in the appropriate coffee cups. However, coffee can be served directly in the Turk, especially when it is a work of art. This will not be a deviation from the rules and coffee can be poured from Turks into cups right in front of the guests, and guests have the opportunity to pour the desired amount of coffee into the served cups themselves. Sometimes in this case a small piece of edible ice is put in coffee and allowed to stand for 1-2 minutes, or at the very beginning of brewing several crystals of salt are added to coffee.

If Turkish coffee is prepared without sugar, the proportions of coffee and water remain as follows: 1 teaspoon of coffee and 50-60 g of water. It should be noted that sugar-free coffee should be drunk in small sips, washed down with cold boiled or soda water served in an elegant glass, often crystal. It is believed that this makes it possible to feel all the charm and taste of the prepared drink.

Another procedure helps this: the foam that has formed is removed from the boiled coffee and transferred to cups, and after pouring coffee, it covers the surface of the drink, preventing aromatic substances from evaporating quickly. Very refined, like the coffee in Turkish itself, is considered such coffee, which is served simultaneously with kozinaki or poppy seeds. Turkish coffee is usually served after lunch..

The recipe for ground coffee in Czech.

100 g of strong black coffee, 50 g of milk, sugar to taste. Brew coffee, warm milk. Pour warm milk into hot coffee. Serve sugar separately. The amount of ground coffee varies to taste. The calculation in the recipe is given for one person. This type of coffee is sometimes called “Czech White Coffee”.

Swiss ground coffee recipe.

10 g of coffee, 100 ml of water, sugar, 1 glass of cherry or cherry liqueur. Pour coffee into a coffee pot, pour in water and let it boil twice, then add 1 teaspoon of cold water. After 1 minute, pour coffee into a heated cup, add liquor, sugar to taste, stir and serve..

Ecuadorian ground coffee recipe.

In advance, coffee is prepared not just strong, but strong brewing. In appearance, such coffee resembles a thick, viscous dark brown liquid with an unusually strong aroma. Coffee is cooled, poured into glass decanters and served on the table. A visitor is served a cup of boiling water, he must adjust the strength of the drink by pouring from a decanter into a cup of coffee to his liking. However, if you pour a little more, it is unlikely that you can drink this coffee, since it is too bitter and contains a lot of caffeine.

Ethiopian Coffee Recipe.

Usually prepared in a small clay jug with a narrow long neck. The more ground coffee to put in half-poured water, the better. It is not necessary to talk about observing any proportions, since coffee is mostly prepared by street vendors, each of whom has his own secret, but the above rule is always respected. Often brewed strong coffee seasoned with honey, salt, aromatic spices to taste. In addition, in Ethiopia, a drink very similar to tea is made from coffee tree leaves..

Yugoslav coffee recipe.

5 teaspoons of coffee, 5 teaspoons of sugar, 5 cups of cold water. Pour water into a cezve, add sugar and put on fire. When the water boils, pour a little boiling water into a separate cup and pour 5 teaspoons of finely ground coffee. Cezvu again put on fire, but already weaker. As soon as the foam rises, remove the cezve, mix its contents and return to the fire.

It is believed that the foam should rise three times, only then the coffee will be ready. It is necessary to add previously cast water to it, put a little foam into the cups and pour coffee. In another embodiment, ground coffee powder is first poured into a cezve, and then it is poured with sweet water boiled in another vessel.

Javanese coffee recipe (Javanese).

One of the many options for coffee with cocoa. To mix, heat, pour seven equal parts of hot coffee and hot cocoa into cups. Add 1 teaspoon of whipped cream or sour cream to each cup with the mixture. Serve hot with sugar. Coffee is made according to the usual recipe..

Homemade ground coffee recipe.

Add to 1/2 liter of hot strong coffee 3-4 tbsp. tablespoons of honey and sugar to taste. Cool the coffee, then pour 1/4 liter of cold milk and the same amount of any mineral water into it. Serve in tall glasses..

Road coffee recipe.

There is canned coffee with condensed milk, prepared, as indicated by the advertisement and label, from the best varieties of natural coffee. Such coffee is convenient because in any conditions, especially on the road, in a few minutes you can make a very good drink. To do this, put in a glass 2 teaspoons of coffee with “condensed milk”, pour a little hot water, stir until dissolved and add boiling water. Dry cookies are perfect for this coffee..

Touristic coffee recipe.

In a glass (mug) coffee is prepared if there are no conditions for brewing it, following the generally accepted ritual. Brewing coffee in a glass is most applicable in hiking trips, when a light jar of ground coffee does not burden the backpack. It will be very necessary in various random or critical situations, so often accompanying trips..

Before brewing coffee, the glass should be heated with hot water, then pour it out, pour in the required amount of coffee (1 teaspoon), pour boiling water over it, stir, cover four times with a folded piece of paper or a lid from the pot and let it brew for at least 2 minutes. Currently, tourists usually use instant coffee, but true lovers of this drink will not disdain the recipe given..

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