Traffic accident

Public transport has become an integral element in the life of modern man. But, unfortunately, the road users. Buses, trams, trolley buses can get into an accident. If you are not cope with the control.

There may be accidents inside the vehicle. It is also quite real.

If you are a road user, it can be a road user.

Basic safety rules

While waiting for public transport, try to avoid the deserted and unlit stops. Stand in a place that is well lit, next to other people. However, be careful of the pickpockets activity.

If you are a stranger, it’s uncomfortable to get it. Yet, if a stranger (s) is trying to Ask your driver to hear about it. It is important not to leave your belongings unattended. If you are a person excited by travels, try to meet his eyes.

When traveling by train, try to take a seat in the car, where the largest number of passengers. You can make sure that you can not block the way. Do not stand in and out of drinking companies.

Fire in public transport

If you need to have a fire truck, immediately inform the driver. It is possible to break the door. Try it out for you. If it is difficult to get a driver extinguisher.

Do not panic.

First of all, save the children and the most helpless people. Try to avoid crush, save from them helpless people. Knock out windows if crowding occurs.

You can help other passengers. Be careful not to touch others, as you can be energized.

Safety rules in the subway

Escalator. Do not touch the fixed objects while you are moving on the escalator. Hold your luggage, set on the steps. Do not let them indulge. It is not recommended. If the escalator is overclocked, it’s not necessary to jump over the balustrade to the next staircase. Do not be able to move.

Platform. Do not overstep the boundary line on the platform. There is a trainer on the train. Then call any metro employee. If you’re not in contact with the tracks, you’re in contact with the tracks. It can be seen the train on the platform. And if the train has already appeared, lie down between the rails. Close your eyes, shout, sing – it will help. The main thing – do not move. Then call loudly for help.

It was not a good idea. The windshield of the last car. If you notice a baggage suitcase, it can be mined.

If you are a trainer, you’ll be able to choke and faint

Traffic accident

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