Traffic accidents with pedestrians, prevention of traffic accidents.

Our traffic accidents involving pedestrians differ from European ones in that the ratio of dead to wounded in them is higher than in England and Germany, almost 10 times! We really run over! Therefore, let’s approach street movements as an infantryman to hike through the neutral strip, that is, with all possible care and observance of well-known safety rules. 

Traffic accidents involving pedestrians, prevention of traffic accidents.

The most dangerous, in terms of the possibility of traffic accidents, for a pedestrian are considered intersections, high-speed sections of motorways, areas with limited visibility. This is where the majority of the raids happen. In general, a pedestrian, if he wants to live happily ever after, must learn to think not only from his wheelless belfry, but also to think for his conditional, but really dangerous opponent. Perhaps for a person walking at a speed of 5 km / h, this section of the road seems completely safe and convenient for movement.

. The only thing I insist on do not cross the road to the red traffic light when walking with children. By teaching them to break the rules, you are putting their lives in jeopardy. I admit that an adult intruder can slip a hundred and a thousand times (it all depends on his reaction, sportiness, eye, etc.).

A child can die in the tenth attempt, because he is still a child, and not a bullfighter, who has mastered the art of dodging a bumper rushing towards him. The only thing that can save a child on the road is a belief in the prohibitive properties of red. The only one who can convince him of this is an adult. And the only way is by example. When traveling independently, children need to be taught to cross roads in a group of people who will take care of them to one degree or another. If, due to some circumstances, you cross the road with busy traffic, do it very calmly, without rushing, in any case without running, fussing or jumping from approaching cars so as not to get under the wheels of those walking nearby.

Remember: a pedestrian can be easily seen, standing or walking slowly in one chosen direction, there is no wounded hare jumping from side to side. Give the driver the opportunity to predict your actions, and then he will find a way to avoid collision. There are no drivers who want to crush as many pedestrians as possible. They are not interested in traffic police squabbles and the judicial consequences of an accident. So do not bother them not to crush you. Particular care must be taken by pedestrians in the winter (by the way, 60% of all year traffic accidents occur in three winter months) and in bad weather, when visibility is limited.

If in the last moment you realized that a collision is inevitable, try, if you have good sports training, jump high and jump onto the hood of the car, and if you fall between the wheels. I was present at the incident when the bus hit a elderly woman. Everyone was sure that she was crushed into a cake. But she orientated herself: at the last moment, she fell on her stomach on the asphalt, her head lowered (if she, having curious, decided to take a look at the bus, she would have demolished her bumper half-skull), and thus she was safe and sound under the bottom of an emergency brake. The woman and the driver escaped with a slight fright.

By the way, another similar victim, when hitting a car, was saved by falling on the icy road with his back on the asphalt, with his feet propped up against the bumper and driving a good 15 meters along the ice to the nearest snowdrift near the curb. In all situations of a possible collision, to weaken the blow and protect the most vulnerable parts of the body, it is necessary to group, cover your head with your hands, bag, briefcase, etc. objects and try not to get under the wheel. If traffic accidents happened before your eyes, try to remember the make, color, number and other signs of the car that hit the car and keep the traces of the accident intact.

And the last piece of advice. For all the usefulness of complying with traffic rules, one should not trust them at all. Paraphrasing a well-known proverb, we can say: hope for the rules, but don’t be bad. Returning to the beginning of the conversation, I repeat: blind execution of the rules is good somewhere in Sweden, where traffic lights do not break, drivers do not violate, and the pedestrian is recognized as the main figure in traffic. In our country, in order not to be crushed, we must, besides diligence, still be very attentive and somewhere even a shyly calculating person. A coward on the road lives much longer than a brave brave man. Remember this and try to save yourself for truly heroic deeds..

Based on materials from the School of Survival in Accidents and Natural Disasters.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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