Training and mastering new professions, to complete professional courses or not.

Best for learning and mastering new professions … Who said finish professional courses? You said? Wrong said. Rather, in principle, it is correct, because you will still be taught something there. But they will only teach very quickly and therefore badly. For money. And not small. 

Training and mastering new professions, to complete professional courses or not.

And most importantly, the courses are not responsible for the quality of their education. Do not guarantee the device to work. In general, they do not guarantee anything, trying to get rid of their students immediately after the solemn graduation. In short, out of sight out of mind. What? Do your courses promise to employ you? Promise? Or will they be hired? These are different things..

the work, your former colleagues, whom you turn to for help, will most likely be refused. Who wants to deal with you in your free time??

But at the workplace, where the breech time, the same people will respond to the request with pleasure! Why not help your neighbor in the development of professions? All the more so to the neighbor that he himself can be useful for something. In addition, it is at work that you can directly observe the process of your favorite work. And bother with your questions not to anyone alone, who will soon shy away from you like hell from incense, but gradually to all. Still don’t want to? Interest them financially.

For example, each week bringing your own cake making. Or a bottle of moonshine, if it’s welders. Promise little of 25% of future earnings for the year. This is already money. And a lot of money! You look, you will immediately find a side job. Which is beneficial to you and a quarter to your teacher of professions! And even if you don’t promise interest, you can still find it. For the simple reason that you find yourself in a professional environment where interesting offers occasionally occur. From which you will fall! Well, what courses of professions can provide such a service? And that’s not all. In the face of your teachers, you get life-long consultants! Because friends! I will give one example.

A friend of mine, who was in a difficult financial situation, literally fulfilled my advice; look for teachers even on the street. She began to look for teacher accountants. Why did I go to the first accounting department that I encountered on the way and offered to wash the floors for the fact that they would teach her how to balance. Free to wash. And it’s very good to wash. They laughed at her. She went to the second accounting department. In the third … In the fourth I began to wash the floors! For study. Very quickly she made friends with all the accounting staff. Because she never refused anything to them. A couple of months later they threw her hack. She did not stint, gave half the salary. I gave it to get a much more profitable hack in a month…

Now she is quite prosperous, receiving an auditor more than one and a half thousand dollars a month. Nevertheless, he does not forget his teachers. Because constantly consults with them. Saving on this a couple more hundred bucks. Which is shared with them. And it all started, by the way, with mopping! No need to look for courses of professions. We must look for people! In this world, only people help people! And very rarely organizations. It is very profitable to learn a new profession, working part-time. Privately or formally by contracting a specialist who is overwhelmed with work.

Even getting five times less than your employer, you will win. After all, your task is not to earn money, but to gain knowledge. And he, your teacher, responsible for the final results of the work, will be interested in controlling you and explaining your mistakes. Just study not formally, not for the sake of a tick, but for yourself! That is, delving into every little thing, sorting out every incomprehensible question by bones, duplicating every action of a teacher. Master one profession. Start to master another. If you do not want to work on the first.

You look, by the time you are pointed to the door, you will have two or three running specialties. Having doubled or tripled your chances of finding a job. It is possible that you will find yourself a job without going beyond the fence of your native enterprise. Do not miss the opportunity. Learn. Learn twice! Learn thrice! As rightly bequeathed, living under the conditions of developed capitalism, the repeated ideological unemployed V.I. Lenin. All this is the preparation of spare jobs, the acquisition of new professions, which brings additional profit, the financial recharge of the budget with the help of various extra earnings, cash savings softens the blow at the moment of loss of basic earnings.

But, alas, cannot guarantee the preservation of the workplace. And you can still be fired … The first thing you should do at this moment … no, not to find a new job, but to leave the old one correctly. Without stupid swearing, blaming and losing your own face. And when choosing the right tactics of behavior, it’s even not without good for your future. Correct care from work is the beginning of her successful search..

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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