Training at home: The minimum required equipment for training

It is a question of what I use. equipment.

Bar combination bars and bars

I put her in a bunk bed, which I made for my sons. The sizes are visible in the photos. It is located at the bottom of the floor; it is made of a dowel 1.25 inches thick (approximately 32 mm). When the time comes, I will replace it with oak. If you are going to be on the wall, you will have to go. I was engaged in the wests, I was engaged.

Bags burdening

I like them, they are catchy, and unstable. You need less weight due to their instability. They can – try to do it with dumbbells!

Stacked dumbbells

A set of dumbbells takes a dumbbells of variable weight.

Medical balls

One is good, three is perfect. Useful for abs, shoulders and balance exercises.

Surgical tubes

For the shoulder and flexor muscles of the thigh. Suitable for burdening or support with push-ups or pull-ups.

If you have a good solution, let us know. Also, if you think that you’ve misunderstood, do not hesitate to add.

Original article – Equipment for the Minimalist Approach

Physical training

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