Training civilian shooters: IPSC or defensive shooting?

It is clear that we are talking about the use of traumatic pistols.

In fact, I’m trying to spit on me.

IPSC and practical defensive shooting, These directions are those of the directions are pistols (we are talking now).

That is, as usual, between the street fight and a boxing box. That is, I remind my attitude again:

Both are necessary and useful. But they are not replaceable things. You speak, for what situations.

Same thing with pistol shooting.

You can start and finish at least IPSC rack, less than completely. For the slow-witted, I repeat: IPSC not applicable and unnecessary. Fu, ba, kaka, byaka, bad. On the contrary, it is good, it is great, it is a useful and enjoyable pastime. BUT! To oppose her “self-defense shooting“, I do not see the point. Moreover, I consider this an obvious folly.

It is purely mine IMHO. This will be a purely mine preparation scheme.

In fact, training for civilian arrow, who wants to train, she is quite laconic. Because civil arrow approximately 90% of those skills are not required.

So what does a civilian shooter need?

  • For a minimum time (ideally, in 1 second).
  • Different sets of clothes.
  • Shoot your shot!
  • Shoot at one goal (single, deuces, triples, ragged pace for different purposes).
  • Shoot at multiple targets. At the very small sector.
  • At the same time, it is possible to carry out one shift of the store.

One of the important moments: civil arrow one is not over 10 meters. In reality, the distance does not exceed 5 meters. Therefore, it’s not necessary to be irrelevant.

Also civil arrow, in the database, not needed tactical shooting. It is very unlikely. It is desirable but not necessary.

Civil arrow need a lot of situational developments. It’s in the confined spaces. More shooting exercises with applied elements hand-to-hand defense (no matter what the guru suarez would say about “not mixing a pistol into a fight,”

Considering our native (bad) legislation, civil arrow It can not be taken away. It is clear that there is no need for a situation.

AND civilian shooter should be able to shoot your weapon. That is from his own. It is not the same.

Own security

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