Training for shooters: counteracting the development of tunnel vision

It is necessary to organize such training for shooters. Moreover, it’s not possible to reach the shooting range. Yes, even in a two-room apartment … or even in a one-room (from the corridor to the kitchen). It is possible to identify the differences.

Training for shooters to counteract the development of tunnel vision

It’s not a problem.

He shots the shooter for 1-2 seconds, after which he should announce:

  • the number of objects in the room;
  • the number of armed objects;
  • type of weapons;
  • where the enemy may appear.

It is not at all. The goal of the arrow is to determine the number of targets and their identification.

3-sector system for training. For example, it’s not a problem.

Naturally, the targets change places. Initially, it is possible to achieve as much as possible. This initially facilitates the task of the fighter. Work with 2 targets lasts a long time. Until the shooter, he will carry out his task of defining and accounting for time.

There is a need to increase the number of targets. Moreover, if it’s a small room, then it’s necessary to get there. It was the time of your choice.

In this case, it’s not being aware of the shooter. And also work out the tunnel vision training.

Rifle training

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