Training observation and “switchability” when shooting

For workout observation and switchability, it is best to use different types of markers on targets.

The simplest marker is color. That is, the targets are divided into two or three groups by color. For example, it’s not a problem.

This is the first identifies the pattern that has been identified.

If you’re

Other markers are used according to the same principle:

  • numeric
  • letter letters
  • character

There are different types of markers. So, for example, when using numeric markers,

  • even / odd number
  • one-two-three-digit number
  • a number containing a specific digit.

When using letter markers:

  • vowels consonants
  • the letter

Exactly identifiers are used for the “symbolic” identifiers.

It is a “symbolic” identifier. Assignment of the instructor.

In fact, to conduct such training observation There are no military equipment (c) djek4. It can be carried out in the closed ranges. To do this, it is fundamentally necessary:

  • Controller instructor setting tasks.
  • A set of targets with specific identifiers.
  • Fence for the shooter (for practicing exercises to identify targets).

That is, by and large, workout observation this type is available to anyone. At a minimum, identification exercises can be performed without any weapons. And as a rifle minimum, you can always use pneumatics or airsoft.

Rifle training

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