Training with arms: Strengthen muscles with a rubber band

We continue the topic training with weapons. You can train with a carbine or with a pistol. Training with rubber tape.

The strength of the gum, choose for yourself. In principle, 3-5 pounds for starters enough for the eyes. But, first of all, look at your condition. Thirty-second exercise.

Applies to exercise time. Orient yourself. That is, from 15 seconds to … until you get bored. But, in principle, with a properly selected rubber band, one minute is enough.

Follow, for training you will need:

  • weapon (pistol / carbine) not loaded
  • gymnastics rubber or long rubber medical tape
  • gloves (to avoid rubbing and mechanical burns of hands)

Exercise 1

Works from the familiar to you (!!!) shooting rack. Gum presses foot to the floor. Gum is divided into a ratio of 50/50. It is not so interfere with the grip. The tape should not be stretched or slack. After that, we begin to withdraw weapons to aim line worn in your life / at work / in the service. After rendering sight line within one to two seconds. After that, the weapon returns to its original position.

The use of the hand force.

Exercise 2

Completely repeats the previous exercise, except for one moment. Rubber band It is a couple of centimeters from the muzzle. The first exercise. Due to the fact that the carbine is longer, then the tension of the gum will be stronger. The line will be more difficult. Therefore, it will be possible to relax.

Exercise 3

For what ends rubber tape are spread by different hands. Sacrificate, fall in both hands. The rest of the mechanics are identical to the first two exercises.

Important: initial workouts go without works of descent.

Next come this database:

  • After removing the weapon on the sighting line, a step forward is made. Before returning to the original position.
    Important: The leg, fixing the gum, remains in place.
  • It is a shot that has been taken.
  • On the sighting line, the knee with a substep is advanced. Occurs when returning to a standing position.

Important: Separate trainings.

What is it for? Yes, in principle, for nothing special. It makes it possible to make it out.

Rifle training

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