Travel backpack Osprey Atmos 65 Anti-Gravity

Today we will talk about such campaigns that are long and thorny. Or rather, that in such a way you need to take with you. After all, it may be far from fresh water sources. Or you never know. For a few days, it will be a lot of fun.

Therefore, it is necessary to be loaded. Water, food. Tent, warm things. First aid kit, hygiene products. Some tools, flashlight. This can not be up small total mass. It seems to be a little bit more fatigue, but it is also possible. What is the way out?

Backpack should be comfortable. This is a list of the whole body. What does that require? That’s right, as well as distribute the backpack. And now you will show you the backpack.

Atmos 65 Anti-Gravity

  • The backpack is not only very convenient. On it, you can attach anything at all. Or unhook.
  • Mounts for climbing equipment or trekking poles.
  • If you are looking for an impressive height.
  • Integrated, but removable rain cover.
  • Designed specifically for sleeping bag and other accessories.
  • It can come in handy at any time.
  • 84 cm in height, and 38 cm in thickness.
  • 27 kilograms that can fit in Atmos 65, you will not feel it. Especially if they are carried by someone else.
  • This portable super warehouse is worth 180 euros on the official website.
  • Currently available in three colors: gray, green and orange.

This is a miracle that is capable of.

He is worth his money. Is complete. How do you think?

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