Travel thermos for a hike – how to choose the best?

As practice shows, the presence of a thermos in the campaign – is necessary. Let’s look at what points you should pay attention to when choosing to purchase a quality product that will serve you year after year.

  • The design of the thermos – choose the right
  • 2 How to check the thermos when buying?
  • 3Thermos for tea and coffee
  • 4 Thermos for food
  • 5Thermugs
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The design of the thermos – choose the right

Hiking thermosTo make the right choice when buying a thermos, you need to rely on several criteria:

  • Bung

Cork is responsible for such important indicators as heat containment and tightness. At the moment it is of 3 types: combined, twisting and push-button. The recommended option is the lid, which has a special valve that allows pouring liquid without opening. Due to this, the liquid in the thermos will retain high temperature for a long time. Standard screw cap does not meet the above requirements, regardless of its reliability. Push-button model allows one-click to open or close the thermos. Today, almost all models automatically snap, if you forget to lock the cork. The combined version is a two-in-one system, thanks to which you can choose the sequence: use the button or close the lid yourself.

  • Neck width

The width of the thermos depends on its purpose: drinking or a model for storing food. Drinking option is a water bottle, equipped with a thin neck and is perfect for tourists who do not plan to take hot food with them. In addition, the large lid plays the direct role of a food plate. In addition to two conventional models, there are universal thermoses, due to which it is transformed from a drinking cork into a thermos for food storage.

  • Bulb material

To date, manufacturers of different companies produce thermoses from three fundamental materials: plastic, glass and metal. For a tourist trip a thermos made of glass or metal will fit perfectly. Plastic models quickly consume heat, based on this liquid or food will begin to cool after a couple of hours. The glass model cannot emit harmful impurities and does not collect unpleasant odors. Nevertheless, it is fragile and rather heavy. Basically not able to withstand a strike from a height of more than 1 meter. Thermos from metal safer and easier, withstand falls and decent blows. The main disadvantage of such a thermos is that over time it can have an unpleasant odor and release harmful substances into food or liquid.

For a camping trip, a thermos from a metal flask that is more resistant will fit perfectly, because, as everyone knows, it is very easy to drop a thermos.

How to check the thermos when buying?

When purchasing a thermos in a store, you need to pay special attention to some production characteristics in order to choose a better and more reliable product:

  • It is necessary to check that the cover of the hiking thermos closes evenly and fits snugly. (cost to pay special attention when buying an inexpensive model).
  • Shake the thermos and make sure that there are no extraneous knocks inside.
  • If the thermos cap has a valve, then over time it can become clogged, and then liquid may leak out. If the thermos does not have a valve, then in this case there will be more heat loss, since the thermos lid will have to be opened completely each time. It is necessary to consider this moment and make a choice is suitable for you this model or not.
  • You should not buy a thermos, which has a strong smell inside, because This confirms the fact that the thermos is made of low-quality materials.
  • If the buyer allows to check the goods, then in this case it is necessary to pour boiling water into a thermos and wait 15 minutes. After the expiration of this time, check the temperature of the flask, if it is hot, then give up the purchase.
  • The sealing ring must be cast in the housing, otherwise leakage of fluid is ensured.
  • There must be signs of compliance with Russian or European standards.

Thermos for tea and coffee

Tea thermosThe right choice of a thermos for tea and for coffee is an opportunity to always keep with you the volume of hot water you need.

If you are going for a picnic, then you should opt for a bulk thermos. For cycling fit and small. And if you go hiking for a long time, then take with you various thermos flasks.

You should not take a plastic thermos if you are going on a big trip. It can quickly fail if dropped. Unfortunately, such a thermos holds the temperature very poorly compared to the metal model.

The best choice is a thermos with a glass flask and a smooth surface. It will help you to maintain the desired fluid temperature for a long time. Given that neither plastic nor metal, this is not guaranteed. Moreover, tea or coffee on such surfaces, leave raids, which is very difficult to get rid of.

Ideal for hot drinks is a thermos with a lid and a valve. On the top cover there is a button. By pressing the valve through which hot water is poured opens. In this case, there is no need to unscrew the plug, which contributes to the preservation of heat inside the thermos.

Food thermos

Food thermosIn this group there are two types of models: for the second and first courses. A distinctive feature of such thermos is the presence of a large neck, thanks to which a spoon or fork can be placed there.

Thermoses for food are made of plastic, it is much lighter than metal. Plastic thermoses are best used for main dishes, the weight of which is much greater than that of soups. For the first course, it is best to choose models with a flask of stainless steel so that there is no corrosion. These models include spoons or forks.

For the second course thermos flask is divided into compartments. For liquid dishes, it has a single compartment. In such models, a deep lid is used, which is screwed onto the body with a thread.


ThermocupThis type of thermos has the smallest volume of the flask. Thermal mugs from 0.25 to 0.5 liters, have the shape of a regular mug. They are painted in different colors, and therefore most often they are bought for children.

Thermo mugs are very versatile, because they can store both food and hot drinks. With all this, they are also perfectly able to save products with low temperature, for example, ice cream or iced tea.

Top manufacturers

For a long time, the most common models are thermoses having a glass flask. To date, applying materials in the manufacture of thermos is high-quality stainless steel.

According to the survey results, the following companies have the greatest demand in choosing a thermos:

  • Thermos (production country – Germany)
  • LaPlaya (production country – Germany)
  • Arctic ((production country – Russia)
  • Biostal (production country – Russia)

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