Trekking poles and Nordic walking

A few years have passed since I (author, Karo Ryan – approx. Transl.) Used walking sticks, But it is not a problem. I’m planning to find out the pros, cons, pitfalls. Fortunately, I have a qualified instructor in nordic walking. Yes, these are those who look like praying mantises.

She kindly agreed to this interview – thanks, Helen!

It should be noted.It should be noted.

Why would anyone even use trekking poles? What is the use? What help from them?

There are many benefits to using. trekking poles, The most significant difference is that of the legs. If you’re on the ground, it will reduce by 5 kg when moving on a flat surface. This is a reduction in the number of feet, ankles and hips.

Using trekking poles It also helps prevent injury and back pain. Pedestrians naturally lean forward. When wearing a backpack, the slope decreases even more, shifting it forward. Weight loss injury and pain. It’s a bit looser comfortably and safely. A more upright stand also makes breathing easier.

What is the difference between sticks and trekking sticks?

There is a possibility that there will be a removable “glove”. This is a “glove” of rhythm and style of walking. However, it is a wrist strap, or

Exactly this strap is needed. And you can even without the gloves themselves.Exactly this strap is needed. And you can even without the gloves themselves.

It is a relaxed movement.It is a relaxed movement.

Nordic walking includes the use of sticks

Unlike feet in motion. The right leg and left stick are moving forward.Unlike feet in motion. The right leg and left stick are moving forward.

Also trekking poles Scandinavian ones are not subject to change.

When do you need to use sticks?

With the appropriate technique, sticks can be used almost anywhere. For example, it’s not a problem. It is preferable to travel backwards, then you can move along.

Put your palm in the thong strap, just like on a ski pole.Put your palm in the thong strap, just like on a ski pole.

Putting the palm on the bottom of the stick.Putting the palm on the bottom of the stick.

This is what the strap should look like properly dressed.This is what the strap should look like properly dressed.

They say that the body of the whole body. Is this true? How?

Nearly. It is a disease that leads to a lot of problems. When walking, we use about a third of our muscles. This proportion increases to 90% if we walk with sticks. Thus, the blood flow is increased by 20%. Walking sticks do a good exercise twenty percent better.

Nordic walking the gymnastics

Are there any rules for etiquette regarding the use of sticks?

It is not a problem. For this invented rubber tips.

Wear them.Wear them.

Personally, I do not recommend using trekking poles Where do you want to go? It doesn’t lean on your sticks when it’s not leaning on them.

How to choose trekking poles?

You can expect balance and reliability from them. Cheap sticks are not created for cope with backpack, especially under a backpack. Sudden breakdown of cheap sticks can lead to serious injury.

Move the sticks with opposite legs.Move the sticks with opposite legs.

Choose sticks for quality and simplicity. Experienced walkers choose simple sticks without tricked handles or vibration absorbers. It can be cheaper to fit the backpack.

Clinging to the undergrowth and creeping plants. Durable, lightweight materials such as graphite and high-tech aluminum alloys. Graphite cans withstand shocks poorly, aluminum is preferable.

Summing up

It helps to keep fit and health longer.

Two sticks, or one?

Walkers who use only one stick – for balance, receive only one advantage. Sticks are used to rely on them.

Other uses

  • Where there are no trees or branches.
  • In an emergency, can be applied as a tire or stretcher handles.

Can I just use a cut branch?

It will not be a problem. The branches are more prone to breakage.

Original article – Hiking Poles and Nordic Walking – What’s the story?

Trekking poles and Nordic walking

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