Trekking poles – the main assistant to the light run

It is a number of weighty drawbacks. Increased stress on the legs, spinal deformity, Of course, all these disadvantages do not go to any comparison, but in some situations even such a trifle is critical.

But a person is not just called “reasonable”. He realized that the stick can help cope with these many problems. Soon the road staff became an indispensable attribute of those who had to go through rough terrain. But the idea of ​​trekking poles appeared.

What is it, actually, such. There is a loop on the bottom of one hand. One to one ordinary ski pole, only easier and foldable. There is a need for support when traveling over rough terrain. Among the undoubted advantages trekking poles note the following:

  • Unloading the knees and lower torso. The situation makes it a lot more easier.
  • Increased stability on sloping descents and ascents. Again, due to additional points of support.
  • Can be used to secure the tent instead of pegs. There are even special ultra-light tents in which to play trekking poles.
  • Injury to the enemy. As we remember, This is also taken into account.

But there are of course some disadvantages:

  • TO trekking poles need to get used to. The first, your arm muscles are not accustomed to wildly.
  • Easy deterioration of coordination. Again, until you get used to it.
  • Extra weight. In any campaign is an extremely important factor. Fortunately, sticks are made from such materials that they do not weigh too much.
  • Into the hook in the fall. If you, God forbid, fell off and flew down, then trekking stick It is not necessary to make it out.

Go ahead. The main advantage trekking poles – adjustable height. This is where you can adjust the user. Telescopicity is achieved by using several aluminum, titanium or carbon fiber sections, interconnected by locking locks. He didn’t lose balance and won’t lose balance.

Before use, trekking poles need to adjust the height. The grip of the stick should be about 90 degrees. On the contrary, to increase. Since it is not possible, the stick can vary from 50 to 150 cm.

You also need to know how to effectively. trekking stick use. Experts recommend that you always keep your muscles tight, and they get less tired of it. Also, you don’t need to stick away from the shoe, the arm muscles will strain too much. The stick should move naturally and effortlessly. It should be noted that it should be noted that this is the case. Perhaps these are basic tips. Since some kind of rigorous use technique trekking poles No, you can experiment on your own.

And now the main question – why the heck did it? Well, sticks, well, the load is better distributed, so what? It will not help. Crap can interfere with the normal coordination of movements. Yes, and a stern man in camouflage with such things. All this is so. But there are situations when trekking poles really help. Going through the swamp, for example – no need to look for snags, no need to go anywhere. If you’re going to go through the snow, then you’ll get it. Well, in some other cases, the benefits of such equipment outweigh the disadvantages.

In short, for a beginner or a physically weak tourist, trekking stick – an indispensable assistant. And this is proven by practice. European tourists, who can hardly be seen, It helps to lose weight and strengthen the heart. But it is the Europeans, what to take with them.

Trekking poles &# 8212; prime mover

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