Tremor in the hands: causes of trembling hands, consequences, decisions

Alzheimer’s with Parkinson came

shook my hand for a long time.

Picture female hands like the fluttering wings of a butterfly, refined musician hands, expressive arms of uNdian dancers. You can still recall the heat up – after all the heat! But imagine the trembling hands of a sniper, well, or a watchmaker. Yes, even a writer at the keyboard of a computer! Submitted? Something wrong, right? And it’s not about gender. But in what, let’s understand.

Physiological hand shake

Similar view tremor may appear to be healthy people. The reasons for its occurrence are:

  • long-term physical activity;
  • nervous stress associated with anxiety; post-hysterical state;
  • caffeine overdose

Possible options when tremor hands accompanied by trembling knees, voice or head.

State of rest.

Tremor of the limbs in newborns

Occurs at toddlers without any pathology due to immaturity nervous system generally. There are possible crying, bathing, dissatisfaction and fears. Pediatricians It was advised to sound the sound only after 4 months, and the amplitude of twitches increased. Then consultation of the neurologist is necessary.

Teenager hand shake

This kind tremor in adolescence appears on the background hormonal surge, causing reconfiguration of the body of the body. Remember yourself or your siblings: conflicts with parents, we notice hand shake. This is because the brain doesn’t need to be able to communicate the “fails”.

It’s a common thing to do. Again, there are always exceptions, and pathological tremor, identified during the examination, also has its own methods of treatment. But let’s leave this option to our doctor.

“Elderly” hand tremor

Men in old age, Unfortunately, there are more than one diagnosis in the account. Some “doctors’ sentences” simply weaker body, others directly provoke hand shake. Diseases of thyroid gland, kidneys, and liver are the most common medications that our grandparents take. It’s not a problem, but it’s not a problem. . And there is a real chance to help.

Here is be present parkinsonism, which most often begins to 60 years. Alas, as long as our medicine failed to overcome such a diagnosis. But after all nobody canceled the maintenance therapy! Help your loved ones feel good!

“Hungry” hand shake

It is a sudden fall. blood sugar. If this is accompanied by weakness, headache, rapid heartbeat? Here it is very easy to help – feed the body.

But keep in mind – nasty diabetes it is very clearly disguised as starvation tremor. Therefore, check blood sugar just in case. It may also look pancreatic tumor, not yet diagnosed. If you need your hands, go to the doctor. Just in case. So that to sleep peacefully. Liver cirrhosis and viral hepatitis also provoke hypoglycemic tremor due to the glucose secretion in the liver. So yes, go to the doctor. And live happily on.

Pathological tremor

Alcoholic – caused alcohol intoxication of the body. In this case, it will damage your hands. It is treated in the hospital by detox therapy, vitamins, magnesium supplements and sedatives.

Essential – Called genetic predisposition. Manifested in adulthood, aggravated by movements. Not dangerous to health, is treated conservatively.

Cerebellar – by name it is clear cerebellar damage. It is more often shown at active movements or trying to perform fine work. Rhythm tremor constantly changing, asymmetric and one-sided. Accompanied by inability to control movements, increased fatigue. It can be triggered by multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury or barbiturate poisoning. Treatment only in the hospital with a good neurologist.

Rhythmic myoclonus – amplitude tremor may exceed a few centimeters. This condition is caused multiple sclerosis, vascular diseases, Wilson’s disease (a rare hereditary disease). You can stop tremor. Here, the treatment of the underlying disease.

Also, pathological tremor can trigger the use of drugs or drugs, various intoxications, encephalitis.

Seeing a doctor

In the case of the doctor, he said:

  • Hands began to shake after taking it;
  • Or anatomy of an existing one;
  • You still interfere with shaking hands in everyday life, damn it!

Generally soothing tips

The need for treatment hand tremor It is accepted only after a comprehensive survey. Not always read:

  • Learn to move away from problems – become naughty;
  • Take a course of soothing infusions – motherwort, peony, valerian;
  • Less coffee and strong tea;
  • Not so much so that it doesn’t apply;
  • Say no to alcohol and tobacco. What does impossible mean? Only resurrection is impossible;
  • Do not engage self-medicating. It is not a fact that drinks will help you.

Which doctor will help you

Of course, you need to get a consultation first. neurologist. And pass the examination to be scheduled. It will definitely advise you hepatologist (yeah, liver treats), endocrinologist (yes, this is a special thyroid gland) or narcologist (Well, okay). Chat a psychologist or psychotherapist, it will help you to get expert help from psychiatrist. No, they aren’t prescribing to get a cold shower. sexologist.

Well, everything is clear? Then – the strength you hold! And so you were healthy to me!

The medicine

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