Triple Threat – triple-barreled shotgun for hunting and survival

There are quite a lot of weapons in the world, looking at which, you can say approximately: “Oh, mother … how cool! .. But why?”. And three-pole Triple threat, produced by the Italian company Chiappa Firearms, just one of those.

With the same parameters, any double-barreled shotgun for hunting would immediately find its target audience. But the third barrel … No, when about 150 years ago, in such a simple way, they increased the rate of fire – this was understandable. Now there are much more convenient ways, while not affecting the accuracy, ergonomics and not complicating the operation.

At first glance, it is not very clear why, in general, the hunting rifle was supplied with a removable wooden butt. Why make even more compact weapons that are not particularly useful in a full-fledged hunt? However, when we removed part of the butt, we found that in our hands we had a barrel with a pistol grip (yes, we, like all normal people, read the instructions after we thought of everything ourselves).


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