Trolling reel: types and features of choice

Trolling is a special way of catching fish from a moving craft. In the process of such fishing, aggressive predatory fish pecks at the towed bait. Therefore, in order to remain with the catch and whole gear as a result, it is important to approach the selection of equipment with the utmost seriousness. And one of the most important elements for the success of such fishing is a reel for trolling.

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  • 2 Types
    • 2.1Multiplier
    • 2.2 Non-withdrawable
  • 3 Basic Parameter Requirements
  • 4 Selection Criteria
  • 5Rating the best trolling reels
    • 5.1Best multiplier models
    • 5.2Best inertia-free models


When choosing and buying a trolling coil, you need to clarify a few key technical properties and characteristics of products. So, the ability to quickly remove and replace the spool when the line breaks is extremely important. If you need a large number of manipulations, there is a high risk of missing the predatory fish.

Ease of rotation of the coil and good laying of the fishing line in the process of winding it also play a big role. Jamming of the coil during rotation of the handle, or loose laying of the thread is fraught with cliffs and loss of catch.

Trolling reelThe spool should contain a length of fishing line of 200-1000 m. But at the same time a small weight is important for the coil. Therefore the material of which it is made is extremely important.


For trolling fishing these types of reels can be used:

  • Multiplier;
  • Spinning or inertia-free. In the common people such constructions are called meat grinders because of the need for a long and active scrolling of the handle in the process of pulling the fishing line.

In some cases, inertial reels may also be used for trolling fishing. The most suitable and durable product of this type is the Soviet construction Nevskaya. It has a high rate of etching the fishing line, and is also equipped with a good ratchet.

Also used for trolling glider coil. This product is a large inertia coil equipped with a good brake fixation. This ensures high-quality and easy adjustment of the fishing line. Fastening of such tackle can be carried out on the side or on the side of the watercraft. The location of the glider coil depends on the design of the boat.

Glider coils for trolling are not only mechanical, but also electric. This design is very convenient for fishing, but it is expensive. For the equipment of an electric glider coil, a specialized cord or fishing line with a diameter of 1.5-2 mm is installed on it. In this case, the minimum amount of a cord of this type wound on a reel should be from 5 m.


Multiplier trolling coils is a modern and improved version of the inertial design. According to its functional features, the multiplier is a high-tech version of the winch, able to work in extremely difficult conditions and undergo heavy loads.

Such products have many advantages:

  • The durability of the product;
  • High reliability of the structure and its components;
  • Ease of maintenance;
  • Large capacity spools.

The undoubted advantage of using multiplier reels is their focus on trolling fishing. This ensures the convenience of all processes of operation of the product.

For coils of this type, the wiring of the overall baits is not a problem. With ease, they make it possible to overcome large rolls at a great depth, at which the vessel is experiencing serious resistance.

Trolling reelMultiplier coils are of two types:

  • Barrel-shaped;
  • Soap Dishes

Barrel-shaped structures are characterized by increased tensile strength and power. They are designed for trolling fishing and catching fads. Soap dishes are used exclusively in baitcasting fishing.

The main disadvantage of multiplier products is their high cost, when compared with the inertia-free coils. But it should be borne in mind that multipliers for river fishing are much cheaper than reels for sea trolling fishing.

Many models of multiplier reels for trolling are sold complete with a fishing line counter. But even if such a part is not included, it is recommended to purchase it, especially for sea fishing. The counter allows you to determine the length of the fishing line used in meters, taking into account the mileage of the line designer. In the absence of an echo sounder, this allows you to calculate the depth and range at which predatory fish are caught.


Non-inertial reels, often mounted on spinning rods, can also be used in trolling fishing. These designs also have a number of their advantages. The main one is the ability to quickly turn off the stopper. In this case, the fishing line can be handed over manually, with friction and safety net. Also to the advantages of products can be attributed to their budget value.

However, not every inertia reel is suitable for trolling. Such fishing involves the use of power or traction products of large size, with a gear ratio range of 1: 3 – 1: 4.2. Such criteria are optimal, since the possibility of speeding the bait does not play a leading role in trolling.

To successfully catch predatory fish, including large individuals, the reel must be equipped with a powerful gearbox. It is also important that the product has 4 or 6 bearings.

Basic requirements for parameters

Regardless of the cost and type of construction, the trolling reel must have certain technical parameters:

  • Strength and durability of the product. This parameter is extremely important, because during trolling the coil is experiencing heavy loads. The best option would be a product made of metal;
  • Clear brake performance. Timely operation of the brake allows instantaneous hooking of fish;
  • High speed discharge line. The parameter is important because the fish do not bite at the bait next to the boat. Therefore, in deep-water trolling, the tempering distance of the line can be up to 50 m, and in shallow water it can be within 5–20 m;
  • Bulk spool. At the trolling reel, it should contain at least 200 m of fishing line. With active fishing it is enough for one full season. However, for such a volume of thread in the reel for trolling is suitable only for fishing on the river. Catching predators at sea involves unwinding up to 1 km. In this case, the maximum load that the coil is capable of withstanding must start from 10 kg;
  • Paver with bearing. This design will provide protection from tangling the fishing line.

An optional, however, a very convenient additional element in the trolling reel is a ratchet, which notifies the fisher about catching fish for bait.

When choosing a trolling reel it is important to pay attention to the manufacturer and the cost of the product. Unknown brands, as well as tempting and too low prices, are often signs of poor quality. Such structures are easily broken at the most inopportune moment.

Criterias of choice

The criteria for selecting the trolling coil are largely individual. They depend on the habits and priorities of the fisherman himself, as well as his trolling techniques and the type of predatory fish that are planned to be harvested. In general, when choosing a coil for trolling, special attention is always paid to such qualities of the product:

  • Small size of the structure;
  • High strength of the material from which the coil is made, as well as its moving elements;
  • Ease of use. For a successful trolling fishing, it is important for a fisherman to perform a minimum of movements before and during tackle manipulations. First of all, it is important for fishermen going out alone and independently operating the vessel in the process of trolling.

Trolling reelAn important nuance when choosing a coil is the placement side of the handle. Since the fisherman often has to combine fishing with the management of the craft. Therefore, the choice of the side of placement of the handle depends on which hand you have to hold the steering wheel. So for left-handers, it is usually more convenient to use right-handed coils, and for right-handers, left-handed ones.

One of the important additions to the reel is the meter line meter. It allows you to determine the exact horizon in which successful fishing is carried out, and quickly bring the bait to him again.

Top Trolling Coil Rating

The choice of a specific mechanism of the coil. multiplier or inertia-free, in most cases based on the personal preferences of the fisherman. Therefore, when determining the best reel for trolling, it is important to compare these types of structures separately.

Top Multiplier Models

The best models of multiplier reels for trolling include:

  1. Abu Garcia with the Ambassadeur range.
  2. Shimano Tekota.
  3. Penn Levelwind.
  4. Salmo Elite Troll.
  5. Daiwa Luna.

The Ambassadeur model range of the manufacturer Abu Garcia includes such modifications of trolling coils:

  • 5601;
  • Salmon Special;
  • Alphamar;
  • AMB;
  • Classic;
  • Inshore.

Reels are designed for catching troll on lakes and rivers. The main advantage of the models of this brand is the simplicity of their design. combined with high quality and durability of products.

Shimano Tekota models are designed for both lake-river and sea trolling. Products are equipped with a sensitive friction and are made of lightweight durable alloy XT7. Additionally, the coils are equipped with protection against water and dust, which significantly increases the term of their successful operation. At the same time, the products belong to the average price range.

Trolling reelPenn Levelwind. Coils of this brand belong to the budget multiples, not inferior in quality to the performance of many expensive models. The body of the product and the handle are made of stainless steel, and the spool is made of brass alloy. This ensures high durability of the structure with a small weight. Complete with reel is fishing line counter. The product is intended both for sea trolling, and for lake-river.

Salmo Elite Troll is a good budget multiplier. The body of the product is made of lightweight carboplast, and the handle and spool are made of an alloy of metal and aluminum. The clear advantage of this model is a high-quality brake system, which is not inferior in many respects to the designs of expensive coils.

Daiwa Luna is an expensive multiplier system. The body of the product is made of light but very durable turned aluminum. The reduction of the coil is 1: 5.1, which provides the possibility of catching the inlet.

The best inertia-free models

Successful models of inertia-free trolling coils are such products:

  1. Okuma Trio High Speed ​​55S.
  2. Shimano Twin Power 4000.
  3. Banax Si 1300.

The Okuma Trio High Speed ​​55S is a high-power universal reel. which can be used both for trolling and for jig fishing. Moving and subject to increased load design details have a titanium coating. The product allows quick reeling or dumping of the fishing line.

The Shimano Twin Power 4000 case is made of an aluminum-graphite alloy, thanks to which it has a low weight combined with a considerable margin of safety. The product has a high-quality forest laying machine. The main disadvantage of the design is its high cost, comparable to prices for multipliers.

Banax Si 1300 is designed to catch trolling in the sea. It has a high margin of safety, and relates to power structures. The body is made of metal. The coil uses the Ultra Lock system. Due to its low weight, the product can be used both for trolling and in jig fishing.

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