Troubling backpack for family emergency

Disturbing backpack It’s not a problem. survival“The backpack is kept at your fingertips, baggage, baggage, baggage, baggage, baggage, etc.)

It is a fact that disturbing backpack If you’re a little bit more comfortable, you’ll be able to help you.

So …

Anxious Survival Backpack

  • There can be one or several backpacks for a long time;
  • It is designed for children of the age of four, plus a newborn;
  • located in an accessible distance from the house / apartment;
  • Packed with backpacks;
  • backpacks have a neutral color (not military and not bright);
  • It is based on the physiological indicators of the family members;
  • There are also a number of ways to carry and order;
  • funds are audited once for each year, for obsolescence of components, leakage, dampness, damage, etc.

It is not necessary to take a look at the situation.

But for the best. Therefore, we take two backpacks, the following are the most important components of a backpack:

First aid kit

  • broad spectrum antibiotics (for example, tetracycline, doxycycline, metacycline, etc.);
  • antifungal flucanazole;
  • suspension Augmentin (attentively see the instruction and expiration date);
  • dry brilliant green, iodine, hydrogen peroxide;
  • bandages (many and different);
  • cotton pads and sticks;
  • painkillers;
  • medications (optional or all mentioned): Orasept, Atoxil, Purelan, Colicides, Nurofen, Troxevasin, Calcium Gluconate, Tobreks, Humer, Sudokrem);
  • tincture of calendula;
  • medical glue;
  • condoms, contraception;
  • Biocon lip balm;
  • children’s candles on temperature;

Hygiene products

  • disposable diapers, diapers;
  • toilet paper;
  • gaskets;
  • toothpaste and brushes;
  • shampoo;
  • liquid soap;
  • alcohol solution for washing hands;
  • wet wipes;
  • disposable razors;
  • children’s cream – Little Red Riding Hood, Leopold, Antoshka;
  • essential oils of clove, orange, conifers, etc. it helps to protect against insects.
  • nail clippers, nail scissors.


  • water;
  • dried fruits, nuts;
  • candy / candy / chewing gum;
  • chocolate / sneakers;
  • condensed milk;
  • dry mashed potatoes and Mivin vermicelli;
  • soups and jelly in briquettes;
  • stew, canned;
  • sugar, iodized salt;
  • infant formula;
  • tea bags;
  • Nutella nut oil;
  • honey, cereals, muesli, powdered milk;
  • crackers, salty cracker, biscuits;
  • seeds for growing food.

Water / fire / food

  • water filter (tourist, ceramic with a manual supercharger, etc.);
  • water disinfection tablets and silver coins;
  • candles, ordinary matches, tourist matches, lighters, dry fuel, kindling for fire;
  • fishing set, fishing line.

For camp

  • tent for 4-5 people;
  • sleeping bags, a pair of blankets / bedspreads, inflatable pillows, foam mats, hammocks;
  • kettle, mini grill, tripod;
  • KLMN (mug-bowl-spoon-knife), or utensils for food, opener, ladle;
  • sponge, dishwashing detergent;
  • disposable tableware;
  • saw, ax, shovel;
  • towels;
  • rubber heaters;
  • insect net / gauze, insect repellent.


  • protects against natural disasters;
  • shoes – comfortable, durable, suit, waterproof;
  • for clothes – warmer than the main clothes;
  • warm clothes, at least – wool / fleece sweater;
  • linen change, two sock shifts;
  • hats (regardless of the time of year);
  • raincoats.

Necessary items and tools

  • map, compass;
  • hunting / household knife (for each family family member);
  • weapons, ammunition;
  • gas spray, stun gun;
  • multitool, multifunctional tool;
  • flashlights, spare batteries;
  • means of communication and radio-powered batteries;
  • binoculars;
  • mechanical watch;
  • mirror.

For kids

  • bottle with nipples;
  • cradle, stroller;
  • paper, colored pencils and pens toys;
  • book with tales.


  • threads and needles;
  • economic glue;
  • adhesive tape, white insulating tape;
  • oilcloth;
  • garbage bags;
  • rope.

Information, data, knowledge

  • pens, notepads, digital camera;
  • Bible;
  • Oxford Encyclopedia;
  • dictionary / phrase book English and German;
  • first aid textbook / textbook;
  • documents, including books, textbooks, books and manuals, including the ones mentioned above;
  • money, valuable heirlooms.


  • two bicycles with child seats;
  • repair kit: pump, bicycle tool kit, rubber patches, glue.

And most importantly – prepare in advance for disasters!

First things first, visit the church and repent. Joke =)

Put a stamp in your passport with a blood group. Save money in different places and banks. Exchange large bills

Save your backup codes. Save all important flash files. Make copies of all documents, and keep away from the originals.

Contact us for phone numbers. If you have your personal message. Coordinates of public and charitable organizations.

Birthdays Ask what “political refugee status” means.

Where do you want to go? Write a farewell letter and testament to loved ones.

And most importantly – to carry on yourself. Develop, learn new things, learn! If you want to be able to travel, you can’t make it.

Thank you for attention!
Comments with criticism, your additions and advice – please go to the studio =)

Author – ole4ka_sky

From the Editor: Initially, the author survival backpack In this case, it was during the civil war on the territory of Ukraine and Novorossia. It’s still a matter of course.

It is not obligatory, since it’s even a car. We collected maximum list life survivor unwillingly. Emergency, emergency, emergency, emergency, emergency, emergency, emergency, emergency, emergency

The surest principle: hope for the best, prepare for the worst!

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