True goal of ISIS

Isis in the middle of the middle east. But few people are fully aware of all its destructive power. It is not the case. It is not clear that there is a threat.

True the destructive potential of ISIS lies in another – in undermining of the modern middle east. It is just a sit and a watch.

It was a clear understanding of the Abd al-Wahhab. century founder (together with Ibn Saud) ideology Wahhabism and Saudi state project:

It is not clear. It is a quotation of loyalty and renunciation.

And what is this “forgotten” tradition of “loyalty and renunciation”? Abdullahhimohimohim doctrine of the abd al-wahhab

A person can’t be considered up to destruction. This is a list of all Muslims who have been given the definition of “infidels.” Doctrine, according to al-Wahhab, should lead to execution.

I think that I’m not sure I want to emphasize it. Purposefully using Wahhabi phraseology, willis radically.

This is the idealistic puritanical “project” (which was strongly suppressed by the Ottomans in 1818, we can know today). Since its rebirth in the 1920s, the Saudi project has always been carried out.

Saudi tail wags american-british dog

Paradoxically, the deadly agent would enter the new state. Harry St. John Philby (father of Kim Philby, the same MI6 officer who worked for the KGB). Abdullah al-Aziz (after his dismissal from the British service) Like he arabist. In addition, he was converted to Sheikh Abdullah.

St. Abd al-Aziz, the master of Arabia. There is no doubt that he was in the process of defining official instructions, realizing these ambitions. For example, when he pushed King Aziz to expand into northern Nejd, he was directly ordered to stop experimenting. But Aziz (as noted by American writer Stephen Schwartz) was well aware of Philby and Aziz.

It was not clear. ) into a Wahhabi instrument. Need to get a British recognition (and later – American recognition)? “That was the goal of Philby,” notes Schwartz.

English godfather of Saudi Arabia

It is a clear understanding of the “godfathers” of the law. It is clear that there has been a lot of pressure on it. , and also sowed seeds of deep divisions in the Muslim world).

It has been shown that it has been consistently defined as the result.

Politically and financially, Philby’s Saudi policy proved extremely successful (from a certain, cynical and selfish point of view). But it has always been possible. In the end, this is exactly what happened – ISIS and there is this form.

In order to conquer (and then hold) recognition of the west, It is a warrior’s movement.

It was over time, it wasn’t time to make it out. the Wahhabi “gene” became more active, instead of to fall asleep.

Wahhabi Militia – Saudi Ikhwan. He was criticized for british clashes, they were defeated in 1929. Former Ikhvans, entered into [Saudi] National Guard. “

The King of Aziz, Saud For a girl, it’s not a problem. He was a religious and religious lifestyle.

King Faisal, who was killed in 1975 by his nephew, was allegedly resented by the society of the Wahhabi project.

Capture the Great Mosque in 1979

The movement of Juzayman al-Utaibi. The group was about 400-500 in 1979. She was in the middle of the world. the 1920s.

He has been tacit support, among others, and has been tacit support, among others. I’m never objected to his Ikhvan sermons (bel un but)))))))))))) has decayed, led a luxurious lifestyle and destroyed culture. “

It was significant that they follow the guidelines for 1978. They were detained for interrogation in 1978. They were so important.

The mosque failed to reach the mosque for the rebels. It is surprisingly reserved expressions. He was not a Muslim, despite the fact that he was a group of armed men.

Footage captured of the grand mosque

The group, which was led by Juhayman, didn’t consist of marginalized people. In a sense, they felt like a fish in water. It was a lot of funkle. For the sake of peace and security, they were there. Juhayman also managed to find his wealth venture sponsors.

ISIS against Westernized Saudis

It would be your peace. IKhvanov’s previous speeches were widely criticized by the ruling dynasty of Al-Saud.

Today we are seeing in saudi arabia deep split The Abdullah is one of the most important factors in the world.

The same schism takes place within the Saudis royal family.

Al-Hayat (owned by Saudis), in July 2014, “According to which 92% of respondents believe that they are“ Islamic law and Islamic law ”.” Recently, Jamal Khashoggi, ISIS, isa

It’s not a problem. “They are the rebels, they haven’t been able to capture the land of our land. Cancel the boundaries. They’re reject all the rules and laws.

“Or”, or you have no choice … If their policies are questioned, Abu Ubadiya al-Jazrawi shouts: “Shut up! Our law is a scripture, and that’s all. “

“Where are we wrong?” Asked Khashoggi. The ISIS take-off is between 3,000 and 4,000 Saudis and Jamal advises. Perhaps his time has come, he said, “our political mistakes”, “to our predecessors.”

The modernizing king is most vulnerable

Paradoxically, the current Saudi king, Abdullah, is the most vulnerable. It is important that you can use it. law schools except his own).

Shiites are even allowed to use for their court of law. (Al-Wahhab treated Shiites with particular hostility, considering them apostates. Back to the 1990s, religious authorities such as bin Baz – the former mufti – and Abdullah Jibrin are unfaithful).

Provocation of the law of wahhabism, or at least as one example of westernization. ISIL, for example, it is the rule of law.

It is a rule of thumb to follow up on his life.

If it happens to be the same.

Saudi Arabia will be beyond recognition.

Here, if briefly, under the Middle East. Abd al-Wahhab and Juhayman (for example, it’s a powerful provocation):

This is the “bomb” that ISIS throws into Saudi society. It’s not a problem. But will this possibility remain after his death?

It is a question of peace of mind. .

This strategy seems very dubious. Who wants to break into a painful intra-Saud schism? Abdullah’s position on the ISIS? The answer is clear.

ISIS doesn’t threaten the West directly (although it shouldn’t have).

The history of Saudi Ikhvan clearly shows: Ibn Saud and Abd al-Wahhab in the 18th century, Ibn, the secture of Mecca and Medina; legitimacy which will become a new emirs of Arabia.

Text: Alistair Crook, former MI-6 agent, writer and publicist, author for the Huffington Post. Translation: Anton Popov, “Sputnik and Pogrom”

The original material on the site Huffington Post

* ISIS (The Islamic State) is recognized in the Islamic Republic of Iraq.

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