True humor: Confessions of an EDC-obsessed

“Your pockets are empty, right?” – her words echoed in the hospital corridor, loud and excessively loud.

I (Michael jenkins, author – comment. per.) assured her that yes, they are empty. I love them through the building. Psychiatric institutions leave no chance – especially in cases like this.

Dr. Sorenson continued the instruction: “… Obsession EDC… we meet several cases of a year. Like this one, ”she paused a long pause, intently. “25 years of experience and I haven’t seen anything even closely resembling this.” She held the card, opening the door. “I will be watching through the security camera. You have closed your door.

This is an interview with EDC-addicted. For reasons of anonymity, we will call him John. I recorded below for its audio transcript.

Md: Can you tell me how it all?

John: (quietly) Flashlights.

Md: Repeat?

John: Flashlights. It started with flashlights.

Md: Tell me what happened.

John: My wife … my wife gave me a flashlight for Christmas. Just a small Maglight flashlight is a nice little thing. Handy thing to work. I took the contracts. Then things went bad.

Md: How exactly.

John: I wanted something with my back button. My first diode flashlight … it was … it was …

Md: Everything is fine, do not rush.

John: It was the most beautiful thing I saw! Such a bright … ray, lumens, power … it was too …

Md: You needed more.

John: And I received more. Oh god I got it. O-light, Streamlight, and many others. Things got even worse when I opened the Coldstell website.

Md: Your first penknife.

John: My first tactical skladnik. And then, of course, I wanted a multitool … for work. I swear it was for work.

Md: When did you start collecting?

John: I started ordering other knives. Kershaw, Columbia River … I caught myself doing what I was doing in the backyard at night. I saved that I saved myself the same time.

Md: Where was your wife?

John: I didn’t notice that she was moving away. I compose my pocketrai on the day she left behind.

Md: And then you came here?

John: I lost my job, my family … I finally had to admit it, I had a problem.

Md: How do you get some help?

John: I have good days, and not so much. Good more. (pause) are you ok?

Md: Oh, forgive me. The nose is flowing, allergy. Excuse me, what did you say?

John: What a wonderful handkerchief.

Md: Uh, thanks. Normal from the stall. Convenient thing, however. (pause) John … what are you doing?

(sounds of muffled struggle. Screams Johnand “give, give! I need! The meaning of words. The door opens. The doctor shouts something unintelligible. Record breaks off.)

Original article – HUMOR: Confessions of an EDC Addict by Michael Jenkins

True humor: Confessions of an EDC-obsessed

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