Tunnel view in a stressful situation: Tunnel thinking

Speaking of the tunnel vision, Now seasoned psychologists can prepare Shaisegeverers …

Tunnel thinking

What tunnel thinking (I’m sure I’m a stupid animal, so I’m used to, I call it)? If it is simple, then it is work. This is where you need to go around the neck – go. All who interfere with the passage, it is necessary to destroy. So destroy. Problems begin when life makes its own adjustments. For example, a colleague who needs to be pulled out (a corpse too, as a last resort, then eat it). Or, in our times, the artillery is capable of being amazed. Or planned way.

All this stress, it becomes uncontrollable, plunges into unconsciousness.

In fact, we have a physiological phenomenon. tunnel view on the psyche tunnel perception. It’s not a matter of course. I saw it – I killed it. So the situation is not so simple. It is a fact that it can make a difference. This is what you need, Makarevich.

It will not be a peace of mind. The situation with tunnel vision, tunnel thinking obeys the same laws. An unprepared person, confronted by a person, becomes a confused person. It is a group of people who are not at it.

The problem may seem funny. Stand next to three doors. The corridor is one of the most concentrated. And then it turns out the goal. and not in some extreme way, such as a collapsed floor. And just … Well, it is closed! Closed tightly, he knocked out with a kick. And it begins. The man from homo sapiens becomes a fly, randomly bursting into the window glass. This is despite the fact that there is a road to the goal. But the person doesn’t come immediately.

It is known for sure?

But it doesn’t need to be controlled. And look at the video. Here is the group gathered to knock out. And near the untested door. Giggling ugly

What’s the matter? For people of all kinds. At the same time completely otshibaya the instinct of self-preservation. For example, in the case of opening the door.

Another characteristic example, which is especially vividly in the cinema. The helicopter movement begins with the miournful cries. If you’re thinking about it, you’re an optimist. They are people too. And the exhausted group, tired both physically and psychologically, is capable of such nonsense. For example, it’s a good idea to make a spinner (is this). In short, the stupidity and human neurasthenia are immeasurable. By the way, here is another example.

If you’re trying to keep yourself safe, you’re defending yourself. Although it can only quickly changing positions. It’s not a commander who has been a warrior. It will be where it is quiet. This case will be easier. One hell will be diverted to the shootout.

That is, in fact, we are dealing with focus spots to the point. If you want to make a decision, you can try to reduce it. A person with a gun, this action can only be one thing – a shoot-shoot-shoot. At the same time, the person will narrow focus of view to the point, and will try to work only within it.

I’m not so interested in how I’m wise thought ”? In addition to mixed moments. When it comes to the psyche (blood flow, a surge of hormonal activity), you should never forget about feedback. It is not clear that there can be a situation.

therefore stress tests need not only in the framework of simple shooting. But also for tactical situations, or even certain tactical situations. Make it possible. It is a fact that it will make it. Switch between tactical tasks. It’s really back? So good going!

That’s it.

Wolf ops

Rifle training

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