Types, categories and varieties of game meat, frozen meat, corned beef, offal, sausages, smoked meat.

Game that appears in the kitchen can be hunted or bought. Meat, internal organs and blood of wild animals and birds are consumed. The variety of game meat is determined by what part of the body it is taken from, as well as how much it contains bones and connective tissues, which reduce the value of meat. The method of preparation depends on the variety, age and quality of game meat. 

Types, categories and varieties of game meat, frozen meat, corned beef, offal, sausages, smoked meat.

The game goes on sale in a cooled, chilled (quickly cooled to plus 4 degrees) and frozen form. Chilled game meat is more delicious, frozen is stored longer.

or jelly broth.

High-quality meat has a pink or reddish color, elastic texture and a fresh pleasant smell. The fat is pure white or yellowish, the bone marrow is pinkish and fills the entire hollow part of the cerebral bones. Spoiled meat acquires a spotty or grayish color, its elasticity decreases, the smell becomes strong and unpleasant, fat and bone marrow acquire a grayish tint and a specific smell.

Corned beef.

When salting due to the release of meat juice, the taste of game meat changes and its nutritional value decreases. Fatty meat is suitable for salting, since fat helps preserve nutrients and the original taste. Lean meat is salted only in exceptional cases. The salt content in meat can vary between 6-12%.

Corned beef must be dense, have a good smell and a clean salty taste, the brine is transparent, without sediment and foam, with a pleasant smell. Corned beef can be stored at temperatures from 0 to plus 3 degrees for 6-12 months. To cook delicious food, corned beef is first soaked.


According to nutritional value, they are divided into two categories: I – tongue, kidneys, liver, brain, heart, udder, diaphragm, tails, meat trimmings; II – heads, legs and so on. Do not neglect offal.


The sausage variety is determined by the variety of game meat from which it is prepared. To improve the taste and increase the shelf life, sausages are smoked. According to the method of manufacturing sausages are divided into:

Boiled, they are heated in smoke, then boiled in water at 75-80 degrees or a couple.
Smoked, smoked and dried after cooking.
Smoked, contain a minimum amount of water and can be stored for a long time.
Raw smoked, dried for two months.
Smoked or cooked summer sausages, smoked, boiled, smoked again and only then dried.
Liver, blood and jelly sausages, as well as pastes and jellies, are made from various offal according to established recipes. These products contain a lot of water (up to 75%) and therefore are not subject to long-term storage. The variety depends on the quality of the raw materials..

Smoked meat.

Smoked mainly fatty meat (wild boar). Smoked products are well preserved. According to the manufacturing method, meat products are divided into smoked, smoked-boiled, boiled and fried. The names correspond to pork products, depending on the method of manufacture and a piece of meat:

Ham ham or scapula with bone.
Roll – shoulder blade, loin, brisket or ham without bones, rolled into a roll and bandaged.
Smoked loin, chop, fillet, bacon, neck are made according to special recipes from the corresponding piece of carcass.

The structure and composition of meat, the content of vitamins and mineral salts per kilogram of feedstock and the resulting product, we omit the norms of eating meat by an average person, because on these issues there is a huge amount of scientific and popular literature.

We remind you that when the meat is heated, it significantly decreases in weight (due to the loss of water while reducing muscle fibers). Losses are 12-50%, depending on the type of game meat and the method of its preparation. Usually, raw meat is taken at the rate of 100-120 g of pulp or 150 g of meat with bone per serving.

Based on materials from the book Encyclopedia of the Hunter.
Petrunin V.B., Nikashina E.B., Kupriyanov F.G., Nikerov Yu.N., Rymalov I.V..

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