Types of Lighters: Discovering The Products You Need to Survive

Types of Lighters: Discovering The Products You Need to Survive

Preparing for anything will always be important for you and your family. This is especially true if you really do not know when those disasters might occur. But for many people, the kind of tools they should have on hand is not always clear. The truth is that there are many different types of tools that you should always carry with you in a disaster bag.

One of the most important things you can have that will make your life much easier is a lighter. A lighter will help you light a fire, something extremely important when it comes to going out into the desert, but, of course, you have to think about all the different types of lighters.

Various types of lighters

Of all the different lighters that you have probably seen in your life, almost all fit into one of five different categories. Each of these 5 has advantages and disadvantages, so you will have to see what characteristics will be most important to you and your situation.

There are definitely reasons why there are five different types after all and you may have to have more than one prepared in your kit so you can be sure you are prepared for anything.


A Zippo lighter is the one you’ve probably seen a million times. These are the ones that most people who smoke use, and even people who prefer to eat birthday cakes and are more likely to use them just because they are small and easy to use.

Types of Lighters: Discovering The Products You Need to Survive

You can place them and let them burn, even if you want to, because it simply continues once you turn it on. Unfortunately, they can be a little heavier than other options and when you do not use them regularly, the fuel tends to evaporate.

Storm-proof torch

This type of lighter is exactly what you would expect, no matter what happens around you, you can light a flame. That means that if the weather gets worse, you do not have to worry about losing your flame because it is completely protected by the waterproof cover.

Types of Lighters: Discovering The Products You Need to Survive

These torches are very small and light, which makes them excellent for a survival kit, but they can be difficult to operate if it is very cold outside and cost a lot of running because the special fuel is expensive.

Capsule and peanut lighters

These small lighters are usually attached to a keychain because otherwise they would be completely lost, they are really so small. They are easy to use because the fuel you need is cheap and available anywhere and because they are so small that you can easily use them as if they were a candle or simply attach them to your kit and forget them until you need them.

Types of Lighters: Discovering The Products You Need to Survive

Of course, you should make sure that they stay closed because it is very easy for the pieces to disintegrate and get lost. You should also have more fuel on hand because the fuel in the unit tends to evaporate over time.

Bic lighter

If you have not seen a Zippo before, you’ve definitely seen a Bic lighter. All those cute-looking lighters found on the counters of the service stations and on the supermarket exit line are usually Bic because they can be customized so they look neat, cheap to buy, easy to replace and you can even get them online in large quantities.

Types of Lighters: Discovering The Products You Need to Survive

Unfortunately, they can not be refilled, so once they run out, you throw it away and you get another one (which can be expensive over time). They are also quite fragile, can not be used in cold conditions or if they fall.

Floating lighters

These lighters do exactly what they say, they float. That means you can drop them in a puddle and just float on top and continue to produce light without any problem. You can increase or decrease the flame to make sure that you will have light or fire for longer and that you can get an extremely hot flame.

Types of Lighters: Discovering The Products You Need to Survive

In addition, they are easy to fill. Unfortunately, in the cold they can be a little less reliable and definitely fall victim to evaporation.

What to look for

When you’re looking to buy a lighter, you want to make sure you know what you’re really looking for. Not all lighters are the same, and even choosing between just floating lighters or just Zippo lighters will not give you the same thing at all times. You have to look at all the different options and decide which specific lighters will give you the best results.

After all, this is how you are going to get the best value for your money and also how you are going to keep your family safe when it comes to survival.


This will be one of the most important things about the lighter you buy. You want to be able to trust it no matter what the external conditions are and that means that even if it is spilling out, you want to be able to get that flame.

Types of Lighters: Discovering The Products You Need to Survive

With most of these, you can not only use them when it rains outside, but you can also place them under the water and use them. Some even work while underwater and not only after falling into it.


You never know what will happen when you are in a survival situation. You need a lighter that is durable enough so that you can place it in your package and forget it until it is time to use it. And when it’s time to use it, you definitely will not want to discover that your lighter broke in your backpack and that there’s liquid everywhere.

You should also make sure that it does not break if you drop it or step on it. That means it is well sealed and your family can trust it better.

Lighting options

Many lighters, like Bic, require that the thumb piece be held to obtain the flame. When you take off your finger, the flame goes out. This is not always a viable option when you are in any kind of survival situation where you really need the light but can not cling to it.

Types of Lighters: Discovering The Products You Need to Survive

With many lighters, you can get hands-free options that will help you do other things that are important for your survival without losing your source of light or heat. After all, a lighter is not just starting a fire.


When you focus on your own survival, every ounce is important. Only that small additional weight could be the difference between life and death and that means you want a lighter that is easy to carry and light to pack. The lighter the better, as long as you still do the work you need.

That way, you can even take some lighters in case you run out or something happens to you on the way.


If you can recharge your lighter, you will definitely be better. Having to buy a lot of lighters to take with you can be expensive and can take up a lot of space. If you can only buy a couple of small lighters and a larger amount of fuel, this will save you some money and also help you save space.

Types of Lighters: Discovering The Products You Need to Survive

It may not look like it, but a couple of cans of fuel will take less space than the large number of lighters you’ll want to carry if you can not fill them.

Uses of lighters.

When you think about using a cigarette lighter on your survival trip, you probably do not even think about the different ways it can work for you. For most people, the only thing they think about when they think about lighters is how they will start a fire, but that is not the only thing they are good at.

Before getting one for yourself, you should make sure you know all the ways you will need to use it because that will help you understand what is the best option for you and your family.

Starting a fire

Of course, starting a fire is a great reason to have a lighter. There are many other ways to do the process, but if you have a lighter, it will be much easier to settle down to spend the night with your family. After all, you will almost always need that fire at night, so the faster you start it, the better it will be.

Types of Lighters: Discovering The Products You Need to Survive

However, almost any lighter will help you start a fire, so be prepared for cold nights (and even warm ones because the fire drives away other animals).

Seeing what you are doing

Having a light will always be important because most of the real work you are going to do will be in the dark. If you are trying to keep your family safe in survival situations, you should make sure to keep moving during the day, when it is easier to find and stop at night.

That means that any repairs that need to be made to your supplies, cooking, lighting a fire or anything else should be done in the dark. A lighter can provide a small amount of light so you can do what you need without other people knowing that you are there.

Stay warm

If you do not have the ability to set a large fire, a small lighter can emit a decent amount of heat. It will not be the same as if you had even a small fire, but it can definitely help a little. Of course, if you have the ability and need to stay warm, the best thing you can do is light a fire.

Types of Lighters: Discovering The Products You Need to Survive

But if you’re trying to stay hidden or make sure no one knows where you’re going, it may be a better way to provide only a small amount of heat at a time, without much light to notify others of your whereabouts. .


Of course, this may seem obvious, but there are many reasons why you may need to burn something without trying to destroy it. For example, paracord is ideal for several things, but if it does not burn the ends, it can be easily unraveled.

Having a lighter to help you take care of this is extremely important so you can use the paracord for whatever you need, be it to set up your own tent, hang supplies out of the reach of animals or anything else. You want to make sure you’re prepared for anything, after all.

Types of fuel for rechargeable lighters

If you are going to get a rechargeable lighter, you need to know what type of fuel you use. That way, you can make sure you have more on hand when you need to refill it and you can also make sure that you will not break the lighter by placing the wrong object. You definitely do not want to have that kind of problem when it’s time to go out on your own and now you do not have the fuel or the way to get the fuel you need.

Types of Lighters: Discovering The Products You Need to Survive

Before buying a lighter, you should make sure you know what type of fuel you will need and also how you will get that fuel. Most will be simple because they will use butane, which is easy to find in most stores, however, other lighters may require different types of fuel or even a fuel owned by the manufacturer and you want to know before spending your money on that. After all, you want something you can hold in your hands when you need it.


This is probably the lightest type of liquid that you are most familiar with because it is used in almost all lighters. It is not too expensive and it is easy to start with your lighter. It is very flammable and completely colorless, besides being very easy to put in liquid form. If you have a lighter and do not know what it contains, it is probably butane.


This is a less common alternative to butane in typical lighters. Although it is more common in burners, if your lighter has a real wick, you can have this type of fuel. It is a bit harder to find but it is extremely flammable and actually burns more than butane.

Types of Lighters: Discovering The Products You Need to Survive

This is the reason why it can be a benefit in some situations because it will give you much more heat even in a small amount. However, that makes it extremely volatile, so you must be very careful with it.


Now, charcoal is actually a kind of lighter fluid and not just a brick that you use on your grill. Although the lighter liquid is also generally for grills, it can also be used in other areas. It is not very likely that you will find this in a normal lighter, but maybe in some torches designed for grilling. It is made with a petroleum solvent so you can start your fire easily and it will also be relatively easy to find because it is commonly used for charcoal grills.


No matter what your lighter plans are, you want to be sure you have the right one for your situation and that you are prepared for whatever happens. You definitely do not want to spend a lot of money on a lighter to find out that it does not work when you need it and you do not want to buy a cheap lighter to save money and find out that you are not going to. latest.

There is a good balance between the amount of money you really need to spend and the functions you will get at the end. So make sure you’re paying close attention to that balance.

Types of Lighters: Discovering The Products You Need to Survive

The types of lighters available vary widely, and even if you are sure you have the one you want, you can try it. Make sure you can use it easily. Make sure you can refill it easily and definitely try the features. You do not want to wait for it to work in one way and discover in the midst of a disaster that is not what you expected.

You must know absolutely everything about all your survival tools long before you need to trust them. This is how you are going to keep your family safe, no matter what happens.

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