Typical characteristics of an attacker illegally invading someone else’s private home with the purpose of robbery.

Since the protection of a private house and its inhabitants begins with the identification of suspicious activity around the perimeter of your property, it is important to ensure what the profile of a typical attacker can be for security.

Typical characteristics of an intruder illegally invading someone else’s private house to rob.

You will hardly be surprised by the fact that they are 95% likely to be male. But if you assume that this is an experienced professional, you are likely to be mistaken. Most often, teenagers illegally enter private homes.

There is a pattern. In hot weather, the number of violent crimes, as well as non-violent infiltration, increases markedly. In such periods, people often spend time in the backyards of a private house, where they have a barbecue. Or go to places where you can relax from the heat. Because of this, vigilance is sometimes reduced, and an attacker looking for objects to attack has almost ideal opportunities.

To a large extent this is facilitated by the fact that the windows on the first floor of a private room are often left open in the heat. According to statistics, 56% of attackers prefer to enter private houses through the front and rear doors. Therefore, be sure to strengthen the doorways and locks in all places from where they can be accessed from the outside..

Profile of a typical intruder invading a private house to rob.

Typical characteristics of an attacker illegally invading someone else’s private home with the purpose of robbery.

If you fix the door plate and the door frame with screws of at least 5 cm in length, it will be much more difficult for an attacker to enter the house. Be sure to close the lock completely. So that the bolt for the entire possible length went into the door plate.

An incorrectly installed lock, which is quite common in new buildings or when it is unprofessionally replaced in old ones, allows an attacker to bypass the lock. Squeezing the lock tongue with a knife.

Although only 37% of hacks occur after dark. These cases are often motivated by a desire to commit violent acts. Therefore, do not spare money and install at least an inexpensive system of night illumination of the territory around a private house. She is very important.

Remove so that it is not visible, or completely unhook the cable from the garage door opener. Which allows you to manually open this gate from the inside. Using such a simple tool as a wire hanger, an attacker can easily enter the garage. And if he is connected to the house, the offender finds himself in a confined space where no one sees him, and can calmly try to get into the living quarters.

Based on the book “Survival in the Wild and Extreme Situations. 100 key skills according to the special services methodology ”.
Clint Emerson.

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