UAV in the composition of the sabotage and counter-sabotage units

It is perfectly clear. They broke at flea in / crawled, they broke everything, they shit on the rug and left. But what is counter-sabotage unit? Let’s start with what counter-sabotage units in its pure form – does not exist. There are divisions with attached functions. counter sabotage. In reality, it has been taken after it has been taken. It can be counter-sabotage unit.

This is a case of counting saboteurs. “UAV operator“As a separate fighter (or pair), or a whole separate unit.

You also need to understand that in terms of application for units that carry out counter-sabotage activity, much more freedom in terms of application UAV, starting at least with the type of data devices. There are no restrictions on how to apply it.

Still, I am not able to use them. “Tachting gives the position UAV“, For counter saboteurs this is only a plus. Don’t remind you of what you’re meeting for one-sidedly. And any stop movement sabotage group, this is an increase in chances of its detection. While the group is lying drone over their heads, on earth, they are looking for combat groups and equipment.

That is, the tasks and UAV, to be applied for counter-sabotage activities, Subversive units.

The framework within the framework of the requirements:

  • Small size (but not compact).
  • Mobility (leisurely carrying).
  • Equipment and thermal imaging.
  • Datasheet (or transmission to several terminals).

Such UAV already in development. To do this, you can familiarize yourself with the products.Zala Aero Group“(No, they even give quadrics). Some of their vehicles are already in service. MF of Russia and the Customs Service. Such UAV more than suitable for performance counter-sabotage functions.

There are several staff units. Operators control UAVs, with a group / technical service assigned to them.

Protect your mobile or mobile objects. Same mobile complexes “Topol” or groups accompanying transport columns. Enough to enter into the composition of these units UAV operators with security. In this case, the requirements for themselves UAV far less stringent than for similar devices for sabotage groups.

However, there is one point that needs to be discussed in more detail. If we are talking counter sabotage, what is the question? I, nevertheless, do not need it. Now I will try to explain why.

To run and manage UAV the operator should not move. That is, the group should stop. Or, the group must be left with the fighter operator for protection. This is a group that must be weaken itself. To lose information UAV (which, by the way, may be rendered useless), and the return UAV to the operator. After that, it’s up to you. Prosecution or suppression of actions sabotage group, it is too much price.

It is much easier to get fresh data from UAV, This is not a problem. Moreover, such drones They are much better in terms of working radius, and technical payload.

Well, I hope with the function UAV within counter sabotage figured out. I strongly advise, carefully disassembling this part, carefully read what I said about WHAT IS COUNTER-DIVERSION BRANCH.

Now about the pests. ABOUT saboteurs. About the possible role UAV in work sabotage group.

Well what is sabotage group I have already said saboteurs. But just in case, we specify:

  • Destruction of material and technical means and values.
  • Destruction of strategic facilities.
  • Destruction and damage to supply lines and gears.
  • Receiving intelligence.
  • Operational and tactical observation.
  • Violation of communications.
  • Destruction of personnel.
  • Liquidation and material values.

Can be and should not be done. saboteurs. The question of how to goat UAV ? Considering that Drg (Subversive Intelligence Group) it is not the first freshness. This is an understatement. sabotage operation, it is not even “second grade”.

In this case, UAV allows Drg Receive operational information on the spot. Which will correspond to the active phase.

I do not seriously consider the use of sabotage using such UAV. Honestly, the same sabotage is UAV with a small amount of payload. It is the controller, it is the controller. Everything. With such forces, you can try to conduct diversion of any type.

In our case, we are talking about UAV to receive operational data on the route of the group of sabotage. And here, from my point of view, see begin. It is purely technical nature, which is created by the requirements for such devices.

Let’s start with a rough list of what should have UAV for sabotage group:

  • It is not necessary to choose the compactness of the device.
  • Increased low noise (this is the most important).
  • Equipment with video surveillance and thermal imager.
  • Increased durability to ensure confident and repeated emergency landings. As well as transportation in extreme conditions.
  • Increased resistance to climatic conditions.

It is limited by the technological capabilities. Batteries are now weak. Use of subcompact UAV, in the air. It is acceptable.

In my understanding, UAV for Drg – a means of monitoring and obtaining information. It is a scandalous effect. This is a very high level of visibility. Because if they notice UAV, it then becomes clear that it is radius and direction should not be sought. It is also necessary to take into account UAV for sabotage group – factor of additional risk of detection. Not only is it a radio radio. This is where the devices are for Drg not so obvious. Again, where are you?

That somehow happens.

P.S. This is a list of your personal needs. Within the framework of existing knowledge, experience and understanding. Joyfully ready to continue the discussion.

P.P.S. About UAV in composition Rdg. At the moment I have neither a solid nor a solid “yes” on this issue. For these performance characteristics. But after a couple of years, “Yes.” This is without options.

UAV in the composition of the sabotage and counter-sabotage units

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