Ukrainian Maidan as a rehearsal of the apocalypse. Part 1

This is a way for a person. The passengers of the Titanic Of course not. It was a lot of fun. Did the residents think Of Ukraine, If you are a woman, you will get a lot of fun? Now for residents survive. Moreover, at different levels. Resident of Donetsk or Lugansk, who came under fire. A pensioner who buy it. The house has become a heap of debris. A market trader who forced pause.

Yes, I’m going to make it a little bit different. Well, I was often not very often accused of any mortal sins. But let’s call a spade a spade. He will get out, he will get out. Why? Yes, because, in most cases, all their ideologies are worthless. I would like to talk about ideological things. If you are on the street, you’ll be on the street.


Ukraine has always taken place. In the past few years, the patriotic forces of nationals (party of regions) have been accused of the lack of patriotism. Regionals (allegedly focused on Russia) criticized It seemed that the world’s mortal mortals would go uphill. It was not there. The ability to manage the economy turned out to be nothing more than a well-developed grasping reflex. He has reached a rumor for all those rushing to “divide portfolios”, which has been understood, The divide went on all levels. Someone has taken away a factory, a restaurant, a restaurant, a cafe, a football club, a parking station, a trade stall. Remember in the 90s racket was a mass phenomenon? So, many of these guys are those of medium-sized businesses. It can be used as a vehicle for repair. This is a significant difference in the case of the state of national capitalism. “. He received a number of new enemies. The strong, strong-willed, purposeful children who have passed in the 90th New owners sometimes brought their children to their place. Negative slowly accumulated. In addition, the rules of the game. For people who have been tempted for a few months, for example, for a couple of months, and then declare for you increase it after the trial period. That is, either work for pennies longer, or shake from here, idiot. It turns out the 90s. It’s a combination of what it’s been in the unknown direction. The guys come to the company, and they “ask” to ship a batch of iron. Of course, the most expensive. “And the money?” “Everything will be fine.” The iron is shipped, the guys are leaving, there is still no money. Thus, the society is in its most sensitive place. In addition, it does not exist. The policeman (of course, not for free) has simply been released, she has been able to impede the identification of the corpse. This is not the case. Everybody knows everything. It was not a good idea. Against yourself

At the same time, people were shown a beautiful candy called “Eurointegration”. The masses were fought. The conviction that “abroad will help us” is ripe. To restore order, to eradicate corruption, because of which, we have all the troubles, and, most importantly, to introduce European standards of life. And, after all these reforms, life will become easy and pleasant. People are generally inclined. It has braked sharply. The conditions turned out to be “wrong.” However, it’s impossible to read the documents in advance? Who is the person who reads everything and then retells? Personally, I suspect that some uncles traded with the West and Russia, hoping to grab more. Not for the state, but for myself. As a result, they found themselves in the position of the students. The people became very angry.


The end of November – December of 2013. On the Maidan, a group of youths will support Eurointegration. Are tents, handing out leaflets. Everything is as it should not be. The action will, of course, be paid all the time. Want to admire you? Manage it wisely, and then at all there will be a bunch of idiots. Those who wish to “provoke” will always be. The protesters were running out for a small group of performances for 2015. They’ve been scribbling for the world. . Fighters of the Golden Eagle received the order to clean up the Maidan. And away we go. Of course, they were provoked, they shouted insults, tried to resist. It is not only that it has been successfully swept down by the Maidan. Beaten people sought refuge in the church. By the way, about provocations. A strong, healthy psyche. Can not stand the nerves? Report on the table. In this case – a report on the dismissal. It is not necessary to make sure that it is not a problem. But kicking a defeated enemy with their feet is just plain mean. But the guys raged, removing the accumulated negative on the “provocateurs”.

The next day, the whole world saw this picture. Thousands rally gathered on Independence Square. About 500 thousand people expressed their “fe” to the authorities. In some places, clashes with the police began. It has been blocked by the government. Here is the use of force. Protesters, led by provocateurs, rushed to the Presidential Administration and the Cabinet. The fighters of the Golden Eagle, lined up with a chain, restrained by the crowd. Social activists throat skies at the policemen, shedding tear gas in their faces. Everything was just the beginning. At that moment, the opposition was unclear. It was quite possible that the provocateurs were proving to be a casualty. It wouldn’t have been the rule of law. He didn’t give in to provocations (oh, she wouldn’t have been given in earlier). Periodically, drove the protesters away, and detained some. With invariable attributes, such as kicking and defending the enemy with his feet, and further checkmate. In the evening, it was possible to contemplate any. The first reaction is disgust. There were so many people who were so well trained. This is where it was spawned. It should be something more than that. As they say, there was love without joy.

Potential fighters began to gather in Kiev from all over Ukraine. Everyone was eager to overthrow Yanukovich. Many people came with helmets, sticks and homemade shields. Expected not weak opposition. The city of tidan In addition, the protesters also captured some municipal buildings. Do not know what to do. However, it was necessary to do it earlier, namely, to think with our heads. But it’s not what you know how. Crowds of excited people walked around the city. Music was playing in the camp, tea, coffee and sandwiches were distributed to everyone. The trees went to the fires. It was rather warm. Recovering Tried to squeeze the protesters out of the buildings Berkutovtsy was poured with water from the upper floors, pelted with stones, and simply pushed, using a numerical advantage. The confrontation dragged on. In the afternoon, the crowds gathered their readiness to compromise. At night, the police tried to squeeze out the protesters. The positional war. Moreover, the sympathies of the people were on the side of the opposition. Men came to support Maidan. It was clear that these authorities were diametrically opposed.

Losing power, Yanukovych had to leave the country (as well as his own, somewhat overgrown business), or go to prison. In this case, it is an attempt to retreat, fear and fear. The loser lost everything. I love you, my dream, this will be the last of two months. Or about 2 months. It will be a mistake. He will not be able to see what he turned out to be. If you’re looking for something to do.

Unexpected outcome

The situation was like a positional war. The fights were conducted in an Internet space. It was a lot of dirtied times. And the “guests” all arrived. For the most part, they are relatively young people. It is a small bag of pads. Shields were issued on the spot. Well, revolutions are not made in white gloves. It even seemed to be the situation. Our politicians, they are also businessmen, therefore, they are

But then the authorities again made an idiotic mistake. The law was passed that significantly restricted to protest. Yes, similar laws apply in most European countries. However, there is no such corruption. In our conditions, where you can hit anyone. You can’t pick up for garbage. If you’re looking for what you’ve given Having received such a powerful trump card, it was one hundred percent. Overthrow the anti-people power. The people, especially the young couple, were very gladly responded to this proposal. The infuriated mob rushed again to the presidential administration. (There is a whole block of government buildings). Police blocked the way. But now the real battle has broken out. I’ve already written about it. Do not doubt, she deserves it. But, I think, you have already understood how much people love her anxiously. Now I have a chance to demonstrate this love.

Sector practitioner trained at trained trained trained trained trained trained trained trained trained trained trained trained Of Of Of Of Of Of Of Of Of Of Of Of Of Of Bottles of Molotov Cocktails The police fought backwards, throwing light-noise grenades into the water. As well as using a traumatic weapon, for example, pump guns. Spilled the first blood. It is a grenade that has been grabbed. There are several dozen people who have lost their eyes. It was a line of policemen, who made several shots, after which they were sent again.

The city’s hospitals were filled with wounded men. Fractures, head injuries, severe bruises, eye injuries (when it’s replaced). Outside the “war zone”, law enforcement officers caught and “closed” the most active “Maydanovtsy”, In addition, the hunt was carried out in places of collision. Seeing the time of escape. Sergey Nigoyan and the Belarusian Mikhail Zhiznevsky, who were supposedly shot by the police. (Now that you can’t make it, you can’t get it.)

The confrontation took place in the fierce of February frost, which greatly complicated the already difficult situation. It is not clear and the law has been taken into account. criminal

Opposition leaders (Klitschko, Pod, YatsenyukIt was clear. Who will win. Yes, and these leaders themselves were periodically pushed aside by some charismatic personalities. Yarosh or his colleague Sashko Bely. The unpopular rulers, Some cops managed to capture. It was a lawyer who was surrounded by a group of comrades, she was hitting her feet. side. All this could be seen on TV and on the Internet. And, as I said, the police were thrown at a cocktail party. It is not a dream for people in uniform. Then my sympathies were on the side of the protesters. At one time, I’ve been just like a cattle, and sometimes even mean. Therefore, there was no sympathy for these people. (May the deceased law enforcement officers). What goes around comes around.

He used to be able to help him to help him in his life. They burned cars, robbed shops, beat passersby. However, sometimes the grown guys, like the policemen who have been reckoned for some money, have also gone to “titushki”. So, in Kiev, a kind of death squadrons were operating. For example, Lviv scientist Yuri Verbitsky, received a message from street battles. It was found in the woods outside the city. Hypothermia is one of the most common causes of death. It is a state of the art. In turn, the opposition of the Berkut family.

Street fighting went with varying success. The parties pressed one another. The militiamen didn’t turn warming themselves captured. Berkutovtsy and state security workers came from all regions of Ukraine. People seized city halls, police departments, SBU offices. But everything was decided in Kiev. Finally, the climax came …

Alex Neronov

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Ukrainian Maidan as a rehearsal of the apocalypse. Part 1

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