“Ukrainian Maidan as a rehearsal of the apocalypse”

But I will speak briefly. Anyway, social networks are still the press, what to do.

I go on Facebook today. Voila – an article about Maidan. The first thought – will praise. I read the description – no, usually the “rehearsal of the Apocalypse” – never once praise. Also, I think it would be better to wean another political heresy. Yes, I consider both positions a political heresy: that “holy Putin is a stupid of Ukrainians”, that “holy Nenka-klyatyi Muscovites”. I wasn’t getting any blood pressure. If you don’t know. There was a chance that she wouldn’t have to go to school “. So at the sight of “svidomitov” I do not even boil it – Feyspalmlyu. But the “Russian world” is no better.

Andrew’s Descent (I’a drank) at night). Mr. It was a time when I’m talking about it. It is a woman who is afraid of you? Astarot is very infernal, I remember, bellow in response. So forgive me, I just want to take up a chainsaw.

And suddenly – the author is adequate. All said as it is. Yanukovych is a fool. Maydanuvshihsya – ate delicious “European integration.” Putin is not intervene. Around one for some long time. My desire was one thing – author zaobnit. Actually, I don’t like to have such a thing that I want to hug). But this author simply switched to the category of “embracing” on the machine.

And here it’s caused … another hohlosrach, sorry for frankness. I will not even read it. My eyes are on my forehead. I can not understand one thing: That is, to have a brain … is bad? Lukyanenko was an excellent book, Spectrum. There were birds, sheali. Refused the mind in transitional age. “To think it is evil, to think it is a fear” … Well, you understand it, They saw something that wasn’t going. Around one neck ?! Now criticize them? If you are looking at our own line? Although what is now always fashionable. Well, always … for a long time already. Brain en masse eaten.

Articles like this, Maidan, roll call. Hey, survivors, we haven’t eaten the zombie brain yet! Cool, the author has his own, call sign is accepted. Only that is not the question. The question is, why is Maidan – pre-Apocalypse, if it has been a post? You have been so strongly oppressing, since you’re Russian, and you’re quilted jackets. Yes, in this country since the last Maidan, four hundred times they called me a padded jacket. And I will come to Russia (which is my homeland even by blood) – they’ll call me the same things with maydanuty. Well, how else, I don’t approve of Milonov and support human rights activists. Zombie! So I don’t hurt. But I will not. Better go eat your stocks. You probably didn’t devour everything, but you like a manula.

So eat, eat. You can’t even get it back.

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