Ukrainian Maidan as a rehearsal of the apocalypse. Part 3

It is noted that he’s been most technological. Outline excellent prospects on the horizon. Show who is your own, who is a stranger. (Along he along) And yet, it is necessary to maintain morale. Ideally, it should not be a trample for anyone who has interferes with the movement.

No signs of trouble

23 years of independence, bypassed somehow by way of Ukraine There were no large-scale armed conflicts, such as in Chechnya, in Transnistria, in Tajikistan, in Abkhazia or in South Ossetia. It was not a Maidan, but it was not a matter of revolution. Before the gangster clashes of the 90s, it was the largest group of people. This is the case in the United States.

Why did I remember it now? We feel now. No wonder they say that in still waters are devils. It was believed that it was tidied up. I get it now for the European level. In fact, it turned out a bit wrong. Rising costs and not income. At first it was not noticeable. It was not possible to notice that it had come to the country.

People hoped for the best. It would be no war. At the end of May How is the classic. “Here comes the master. Barin will judge us. ”In principle, it should be so. In another, much more famous book, it says, “It will be asked.” Politicians are a bit special caste of people. Salary, in addition, in addition to the salary, they are very decent. If only there was peace. Their complex task is to resolve such complex questions.

Ukraine’s split

However, this time the politicians could not reach an agreement. Mutually exclusive position, or they didn’t really try to agree. It was hard to conceived? But get a true answer.

The separatists who took up arms were also called terrorists. With the use of artillery and aircraft.

As I mentioned, we live in an information society. It was shouted: “That’s right!” So they should! ”, And another:“ Immediately stop the war! “. The split in Ukrainian society has become catastrophic. It was for a long time divorced from Ukraine.

Politicians said it was not. That everything will be fine, you need to correct. What are the elections? “I will bring order, I will also return the Crimea ”. Of the theses. I don’t know if they said what they said. Maybe they just pretended.

The beginning of the Donbass conflict

The first participants of the ATO. It’s not a problem. (I’m a little mistaken) I was a little mistaken. . Wanted to defend their homeland? So protect. Then there were little differently than they look now. Volunteer battalions began to be created in the country. Armed with tanks, artillery and aircraft of the Ukrainian army and separatists, armed only with small arms. Well, with the support of Russian volunteers, such as Strelkov, Motorola and other personalities. It was a broomstick.

“Members of the public”, the commanders of the volunteer battalions, called on the authorities

  1. to more decisive action at the front
  2. to fight corruption “in the rear”.


Hencheyman, carefully, taking into account, above all, the military accounting profession. The society has experienced a series of colors, a pattern of yellow and blue color. Civilian activists collected money. And, in the meantime, the Ukrainian military were doing their job. They tried to carry out. It was a cauldron. However, it’s not a problem.

It has been shown that it’s not a problem. By August 28, the Ukrainian troops became disastrous.

Civil unrest

Heating up. Soldiers’ wives and soldiers of the Ministry of Defense The society was looking for the guilty. Although many things lay on the surface. Their flanks. But not only this time. Of course, Russian aid has been taken into account. It is clear that it was not controlled even now. But, there is military intelligence …

But there are all sorts of analytical departments. But for some reason, it’s one-day butterflies. Yes, such people are strong, strong-willed, resolute. Quite (most of them have a well developed grasping reflex). They can be “bend”, “bend” anyone, and even make fun of it. When necessary, by connecting the right people, they can “solve the problem.” They are confident of their own exclusivity. But – something they, nevertheless, not enough.


From that moment on, Russia became the main enemy of Ukrainian society. I can imagine how to jump up and shouts: “Isn’t it?”. It is a fact that it’s me book. (Although I will write such a book, although he knows).

Don’bass I couldn’t have been “pacified” only thanks to the Russian Federation. It was a loudly shout: “Glory to Ukraine!”,

In the meantime, had to put up with defeats. There were cries: “We were betrayed!”. When it comes to guilty, it is always a question. In this case, it was a search for enemies. The first. Search for internal enemies, that is, corrupt officials and corrupt generals. The logic is quite understandable. It’s just the issue price. The second. It was not a long time ago. It is an abandoned stone moves trajectories regardless of who threw him, a glorious patriot or an evil traitor. The Russians were expelled from the Sins and the United Kingdom (or Chukhonian) tribes, sometimes, however, contemptuously referring to the Slavs.

The hostility towards Russia has been lovingly heated since the Soviet times, has grown into hatred. I’ve been driving in a minibus, and I’m not sure where to go. Almost like Cato Sr., “Carthage must be destroyed.”

Well Man is a gregarious animal.

Of course, any war doesn’t consist of victories alone or of defeats alone. Ukrainian troops were victorious. For example, in the middle of summer 2014, Slavyansk was taken, which opened to Donetsk. It is a fact that it is not a matter of the quality of life.

Consequences of the war

It has increased markedly. Personally, I’m not sure that I’ve been influenced by several factors, such as health, personal freedom, personal freedom. So, when it comes to the whole drops sharply. I’m not talking about quality of life. Imagine, for example, a millionaire who has one leg. Or a healthy, cheerful man who landed on an uninhabited island. Free time shaft, there are the ocean waves.

It is also possible that you’ve seen it. It’s not true that it’s not. otherwise. (I will tell you a secret, I myself often sin on this).

A number of Ukrainian analysts have been globally overdone and have become unbearable. The shelling, the horrific price of hiccups, the outrages of the mercenaries and the local militias, Would remain as part of Ukraine – and nothing would have happened. Hoped for Russia – so now sit in the hole. (I remembered a replica from Ostrovsky’s “The Dregsless”, “So you don’t get to anyone,” after a bullet.)

If you’re ever frightened If you’re not happy, you’ll not be afraid of sanctions. There are many such “ifs”. Do you need a maidan? ”( not just needed. He was needed. The question is to whom.)

I will give such a case. In one of the Kiev markets, a group of “social activists” held a rally. He is a masked monsters, he is a zombie. But then the unexpected happened. Bazaar traders who were presently activists, also succumbing to some of them. I am sure that during the “revolution of dignity”, I’ve got it. It was supported by the townsfolk. It is a clear dislike. It is probably difficult to imagine such a fall. Well, I will help. If you’re not sure, you’re used to spending. Spending 500 dollars – live on 250. Spending 200 – live for a while for $ 100 a month. If you live in Ukraine, then you have to go on it.

It was not so noticeable. It is possible that they were not included in the list of products. But it wasn’t much time to be noticeable. Another blow struck treacherously jumped the dollar. This is where the loss of Debaltseve became a national national tragedy.

War = tragedy

In the DPR, it was determined that it was not a problem, but it wasn’t exactly the way it was during the organized retreat. They talk about KAMAZ with corpses burned on the road. About the wounded who were left on the road. Fighters broke from the environment. There are two dozen fighters from all sides. It is a skillful maneuvering, you can’t have it. It is not possible to keep it up.

Hospitals were filled with wounded, and morgues killed. It has been a lot of fun.

Synchronously with the tragedy The country was swept by a grocery panic. What it looked like. It is a simple way for people to respond. Candy, sea fish, sausage, meat, bananas, citrus – the most expensive. People switched to the fact that cheaper. Chicken and liver instead of pork, apples instead of bananas, sauerkraut instead of lemons. Shoppers in those stores will be carefully calculated.

However, it is not clear. Basically, they can’t be stored for a long time. After all, the prices have been rushed up sharply. To the cash registers lined up long queues. Some products simply disappeared from the shelves. He didn’t have time to bring up the new ones physically. Canned meat, smoked sausages, frozen semi-finished products, alcohol, cereals – that’s what you bought up the fastest. Supermarkets began to resemble sovdepovskie supermarkets of the early 90s.

Everyone hurried to the supermarket. It was a bit like a pilgrimage. Women, as befits mistresses, It seems, on this occasion, it’s not necessary. Here is a pair of girls who are running out. If I’m trying to get a little bit more than that, I’m trying to get a little bit more than that. It’s a classic “nerd” for those who haven’t been out. Here is a classic of alcoholic. If you’re looking for a bottle of vodka. Single aunt. Ancient old women. Married couples with children. So, it’s a road to our society. In the number of people digging in the garbage cans.

The country got into trouble. But who is to blame and what to do? The impasse is the same as the entrance.

Senator McCain recently expressed his opinion on the situation with the authorities. Thought to be in school “. Basically, I agree with you. But you can’t say it a lot. Ukrainian literature who lived long before him, TG Shevchenko. “If they used to be like that, as required ….” (But, the Ukrainian elite (or rather, It doesn’t want to learn about it. not pecked her hard enough.

Ukrainian Maidan as a rehearsal of the apocalypse. Part 3

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