UltraFire: Ultra-budget headlamp 250 lumens

This article is an overview. headlamp ultrafire with two light sources from Gearbest.com. Lantern is quite sincere. I do not say “objective” in order not to mislead the reader; of course, it is subjective.

If you are looking for your readers, equipment. If you’re a little bit different, you can’t make it a little bit different. It means that it is permissible to use. We assume that the warning is voiced.

First, I will outline the prerequisites for purchase and considerations when choosing. Readers who are not interested in theoretical reasoning, can go directly to the characteristics and impressions.

Prerequisites of choice

The flashlight suggests headrest. But this is a seemingly obvious option. Not suitable, for example, headlamp It is a need to move on. headlamp from the head and hold it out. headrest. We need a kind of “chest” option, moving along with the body.

Headlamp ultrafireHeadlamp ultrafire

I love you, I’m looking for a flashlight. It is sometimes easier to even look into the mechanism. It can also be mounted on the chest. It is advisable to change this angle. That is, it’s easy to manage. And it is very important that the battery is AAA; AA is good, 18650 is possible.

Actually, there are lots of options on the market, there are plenty to choose from. There are L-shaped (they are also L-shaped) headrest, A shirt pocket. There are military lanterns with their neck, as well as their civilian brothers. There are quad flashlights attached to the button. You can redo the mount for normal headrest. USB cable, USB stick, USB stick, USB cable, USB cable, USB stick

Lantern Princeton Tec MPLSLantern Princeton Tec MPLS

Flashlight Varta LED Flex Neck LightFlashlight Varta LED Flex Neck Light

Streamlight sidewinder lampStreamlight sidewinder lamp

Zebralight flashlight with side light and clipZebralight flashlight with side light and clip

It is great when you can choose the equipment according to the characteristics. But it also has a rule of thumb.

And relatively accidentally, I come across the hero of the review. Headrest ultrafire with a mount that casts thoughts about hooking it to modular surface MOLLE / PALs, with all this – within five hundred rubles. Not expecting too much from the product, I decided to risk this amount.

Actually, this is what it looks like / PALsActually, this is what it looks like / PALs


So, according to the store where the purchase was made headlamp flashlight ultrafire – Gra, capacity 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 24

Is it the second light source COB (Chip-on-Board) – A solid strip of light, rather than a point diode, which is encouraging in terms of ambient lighting without unnecessary glare. It is completely compatible with MOLLE / PALs. The most alarming thing is that the battery is non-replaceable by the user. However, it will be more likely to repair than a user operation. The most popular form factor is 18650.


The order came in a soft package, wrapped in bubble polyethylene. And the box itself – headlamp flashlight ultrafire and a USB-microUSB cable, 30 cm long. If you’re looking for something else, it’s not necessary.

Here is the packageHere is the package

Actually, there is no need for instructions either after all. It is important), we press it.

It can not be tightly.

The main mode headlamp UltraFireThe main mode headlamp UltraFire

Mount headlamp flashlight ultrafire for the straps turned out to be installed on platform MOLLE / PALs – the slots were too narrow. Therefore, I’m cynically and ruthlessly creeping from my side unloading vest. I made this flashlight from all sides. Yes, I got excited, succumbed to keen impatience. Having got the tool in your hand. Therefore, the photo “before and after” will not. I hope readers are not upset. In the process of modification, it was a strong, rigid, its side cutters were separated with a distinct click.

Of course, I’m unlikely to work on the kit bag. It can be hung up on the shoulder, and leaned over the shoulder, and leaned on the workbench.

To put on a headlamp Ultrafire If you need to line up your body, then push it inwards, helping to straighten it. Because the flashlight is quite wide. Here is the extended edge of the slot.

The cut is quite noticeableThe cut is quite noticeable

Intermediate conclusions

Headlamp ultrafire It is caused by the main diode. For me, this archaism would only benefit.

For the same reason, it will be necessary. However, it’s not a problem. In addition, there is always a backup.

It is about 135 degrees and there is a lot of light. and stumbling. This is quite a significant plus.

For myself, I decided that I would leave this headlamp in my toolkit, even if it was a bit more expensive. It should be noted that there has been a long period of time. I’m not sure about what you’re looking for.

You can see the flashlight below. Ultrafire light – respectively powerful, weak, and secondary modes. The distance is obviously an outstretched hand, in total darkness. It was filmed, on the elderly Tamagotchi.


It is not a bad idea. Who has been measured and measured uniformly. And, of course, who needs it?

A discount

I’m kind of informed, I’m kind of the lastDay.Club and the Gearbest store, our readers can save a little bit of galactic credits, if by ordering a flashlight Ultrafire via the link using the coupon Fire88ru.

Devices and devices

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