Unauthorized tools and traps for survival in emergency and extreme situations, their installation and camouflage.

Unauthorized guns are used for passive, that is, without the participation of a catcher, hunting, for which they are installed (hunter-hunters say they are wary) in places of probable passage of animals and are checked once every few days. 

Unauthorized tools and traps for survival in emergency and extreme situations, their installation and camouflage.

There are several general rules for the construction of unauthorized guns, which you must strive to fulfill as accurately as possible, because it depends on them whether you will be with prey or not. Traps should be installed in places where animals are guaranteed to pass. At the holes, on animal trails, at watering places and places of constant feeding. When installing a trap, do not disturb the natural look of the surroundings..

a trap, a rag, or some object. The fewer signs of your presence at the hunting site, the higher the chance of success. When installing traps, care should be taken not to leave odor marks. The sense of smell in animals is many, sometimes tens of times more sensitive than in humans. The smell, which the hunter does not feel, no matter how he sniffs it, smells the beast, as they say, a mile away. For the same mile bypassing the trap intended for him. To avoid this, you should as little as possible touch the unauthorized implements and the surrounding vegetation..

It is best to wear gloves. Moreover, if they were worn for a long time, it is advisable to wash them before hunting or, on the contrary, to stain them with juice of crushed grass, soil. It will be useful to wash your hands. Especially if you are a heavy smoker and your clothes and pockets smell like tobacco. It should also be borne in mind that each tree emits its own unique smell, and the animals that you are going to get feel well and remember it. Therefore, it is not necessary to set a trap made of pine poles among the birch forest. An odor unusual for the area may frighten away the cautious beast.

Sometimes, for the purpose of odor masking, it is allowed to impregnate the details of the trap with smoke from a burning fire. The smell of smoke is quite familiar to forest animals and can interrupt the smell left on gear by humans. Or sprinkle with urine or blood already extracted animals. Metal parts of hunting equipment can be boiled for several hours in water with the addition of needles or coated with animal droppings to eliminate foreign odors..

Camouflage, i.e. color matching trap surrounding area.

The rope or metal parts of the unauthorized weapon should be painted over with plant sap or earth. Freshly cut branches and poles of trees used in the construction of the trap should also be covered with mud in the place of the saw cut or log house and installed so that they fit as naturally as possible into the surrounding landscape. All traps should be done with a double margin of safety, because it is not known in advance who will fall in them. Very often, larger animals fall into the small rabbit snarls with their paws, and if you do not want to miss them, do not be too lazy to strengthen the trap.

Stakes that dig into the ground should be deepened into the soil at least a third of the length, and it is better to use growing thin trees that firmly sit with their roots in the ground, chopping them to the desired height. Loop traps are desirable, except for the nearest peg driven into the ground, to be tied to trees so that the prey does not run away with the snare. You can not rely on a single set of hunting gear. Hunting unauthorized guns are all the more effective the more traps you set. Professional hunters are sometimes alarmed by several hundred traps on fishing routes stretching for tens of kilometers. And therefore they never remain without prey.

After rescue or leaving the place of hunting, the victims should remove all unauthorized ones, especially those designed to catch large game, guns, or, in extreme cases, tell the rescuers about their design and location. Any trap left can cripple a person who will be in this area after you. Such unauthorized guns can not only injure, but also kill a random forest passerby in an hour, a week, and a month after your salvation.

Based on materials from the School of Survival in Natural Conditions.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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