Underwater Retention Training – Two Tips

It is not necessary to use it. However, those who went through the equipment with or without him, after a drowning person, changed their opinion. You are survivors, or tourists, who can know what can happen? It is sometimes useful.

If you’re getting enough, you’ll be enough.

Of course, it is not necessary to keep you in mind. You must be in a stressful situation. You can’t have a deep breath. You can catch yourself in the car. Plus, you can lose consciousness, unlike land. Can be badly.

But, more to the point.

Training can be divided into two types: Thus, when you simply swim under water, for example, or for example, you can swim under water …

Workout with load

The combination of physical activity with the training of breath. Take a regular bike and laid out. There are two ways to workout. First, hold your breath, pedal and record that time you can endure. Second, you need to travel in one breath. I will differ a little intensity.

There is a great deal of momentum and momentum. Or push ups, then mark up the time.

Attention! If you are a person, you can avoid serious problems.

Training without load

Everything is simple. We will be interested only in time. Relax, ventilate the lungs and slowly sink into the water. Everything. Stand or sit at your convenience. Note the time.

This is a good start. It is also possible to take care of a small load.

There is no need for any special equipment or complex exercises. There is no pool or river nearby. Who knows when life will need this skill? But whatever it is. You are already a couple of meters from the underground.

Take care of yourself.

Underwater Retention Training &# 8212; two tips

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