Unexpected emergency stock. How to make a wearable emergency reserve

During any journey or expedition by land, sea or air, a critical situation may arise when things are lost, fire, food and minimal medical assistance are required. At the same time wearable emergency reserve (NAZ) will help to survive, in other words, — survival kit. This is the minimum set of necessary items for a person or group of people who have fallen into extreme conditions. Additional set name – emergency reserve, means that they need to use only when absolutely necessary, and not when they just wanted to eat in the forest. No one knows when an unpleasant situation can happen, in order to take advantage of NAZ to survive.

  • Wearable emergency stock composition
  • NAZ Survival in the forest
  • How to make a wearable emergency reserve

Wearable emergency stock composition

There are specially equipped emergency service centers (wearable emergency supplies) for pilots, military, maritime as well as tourist kits. In addition, NAZ can always be collected independently.

There are general requirements for any NAZ:

  • Since NAZ is required to be carried constantly with itself, it must be very compact.
  • The container for the kit must be airtight, strong.
  • Items to complete the set must be of high quality and withstand a long shelf life.
  • A wearable set should have a minimum weight with maximum practicality.
  • The presence of multifunctional items in the set.

NAZ forest survival

Once in an extreme situation in the woods, when gadgets are lost or not working, you need to take care of making a place to sleep, make a fire, get food. The most important thing to do, in this situation, — calm down, analyze all the possible nuances of the situation, pull yourself together and outline a further plan of action. In this case, wearable emergency reserve is very useful. To survive in the forest, it must be equipped with the following items:

  • Flint, tinder, or hunting matches.
  • Torch
  • A candle for lighting or as an aid to kindling a fire.
  • Plexiglass trim as a replacement candle or its complement.
  • Magnifying glass
  • Disinfecting tablets for filtering water.
  • Threads with a large needle.
  • Small mirror
  • Fishing hooks, fishing line, sinkers. It will be necessary for the extraction of fish and poultry.
  • Plastic bag to protect clothes, carrying water.
  • Hacksaw
  • Antibiotics
  • Manganese solution.
  • Adhesive plaster that can be used as electrical tape.
  • Office knife blade
  • Wire
  • Pencil
  • Whistle
  • Rubber harness

How to make a wearable emergency reserve

Naz for survival

Naz for survival

Emergency stock is always formed individually, based on the conditions of the planned stay, time of year, duration of time, terrain features. For example, it is not necessary to complete a survival kit with a serpentine antidote if the terrain to which you are going is not inhabited by snakes. When forming an individual NAZ, one should take into account the recommendations that it is better to take several such sets: one should be placed in the car, the second in a backpack, several more can be placed in hand luggage, wallet, pocket. The smallest are sets in capsules or canisters that can be worn around the neck, sewn into clothing, etc.

To make a survival kit, some items need to be sealed. For this you will need:

  • Medical dropper
  • Disposable syringes of various capacities (from 5 to 25 ml)
  • Plastic bags with zipper, also in various sizes
  • Large paraffin candle
  • Toothpicks
  • Lighter
  • Knife

From the medical dropper you need to cut off a part of the tube, one hole of which is soldered with a cigarette lighter with a knife. Inside are placed the necessary items, the second end is sealed. It is possible to fill such container with needles, loose objects. The next package is made of a syringe: approximately to the division of 2 mm it is filled with liquid paraffin. Then it is pushed by the piston so that the paraffin gets inside the tip of the syringe, then it is left to solidify. It turned out sealed cylinder, inside which you can place the baked cotton wool for further use as a tinder. Further, if it is necessary to delimit the contents of the package from paraffin, a cotton ball is placed on it or a rubber piston is cut off and placed on this plug. If the syringe is large, it can be completely filled with paraffin, which, if necessary, is easily removed by heating or a solid object.

As the main packaging of NAZ you can use a plastic container, and better – ordinary tin box of tea. Such a container has a lot of advantages: it is equipped with a lock (sometimes with a handle), lightweight, airtight (for greater reliability, you can wrap it with reinforced tape), in addition to the main purpose, it can be used as a container for water, pans, smokehouse, kettle.

Starting to complete the emergency reserve, we must not forget about the lighter and matches. The latter is better to use hunting or paraffin. In addition, if you know how to use a flint, you need to put it. Further, we must not forget about the knife, but it would be better if you take along with you a large hunting knife, as well as a multitool. To keep them working, you need to properly pack them. To do this, use a special waxed paper, which wrapped knives, lubricated with oil. In addition to knives, the NAZ must be equipped with a scalpel, a razor blade, and a diamond bar for abrasive.

It will take a magnifying glass that can be used as a flint, to look at a wound, etc. To extract fire under extreme conditions, you will also need flint from a lighter, a small wax candle (it should be wrapped in foil), a tablet of dry fuel. The second candle will be made of paraffin, which is poured into a syringe. It is better not to use a wax candle until the batteries in the flashlight sit down. All these items will not be left without a fire at the right time.

Fishing gear is put in a separate package: hooks, carbine, fishing line, sinkers, steel leash. This will help to get fish, and the fishing line with hooks can be used for catching other small game.

In addition to the above, it is important not to forget about the food supply, which will help to last from several hours to days. In small bags with a lock you need to put the candies, a few pieces of chocolate, salt, seasoning, brewed tea, soda, chili pepper. Soda will help get rid of a toothache or heartburn attack, and pepper will be able to kill any smell and taste of wild food. Also need a piece of foil – in it you can bake food or seal items.

Wearable emergency stock

Wearable emergency stock

Two orange balls can serve as a water tank or as a distress signal if they are fixed on the bank or on the canopies of trees. You also need to put tablets for water disinfection, potassium permanganate, drinking tubule. It will help to drink water from the bottom hard-to-reach places of the reservoir. In order not to drink dirty water, you can insert cigarette filters into the tube.

Of the tools will also need a wire saw. In addition, NAZ is equipped with a coil of wire of different diameters, a nylon cord, electrical tape, a wire with a cross section of 1mm, superglue, a mirror for Distress alert from polystyrene 1 mm thick, large garbage bag. It is important not to forget about medicines.

In case the main box with an emergency reserve is gone, a rescue capsule that is worn around the neck is useful. It includes an airtight container with pills (sumamed, ketarol, nitroglycerin, aQUATABS, 2 pcs. Each), in a separate tube – needle with thread, scalpel blade, 2 hunting matches, hooks, potassium permanganate, chili tube. This container is wrapped with tape, nylon thread, and the whole set is wrapped with five meters of fishing line.

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