Universal 3.0 – more than 60 features in a credit card

Company MRF Multitools not so long ago fundraiser announced for their unique product – multitool Universal 3.0. There are more than 60 tasks.

“Yes, we’ve gotten a lot of credit card credit card formatting. But there was no one that could cope with so many functions. “

Universal 3.0 It is made of steel and can be used for traditional tools, such as a scraper, an ax and a shovel.

Most of the same multitools are created this way. So that they can be used safely. And the MRF decided to go the other way. Multitool Universal 3.0 It can be seen.

“It’s a lot of a lot of experiments”

Despite the fact that it is still a lot of drawbacks

“We’re called“ universal ”. It doesn’t matter if you’re an office worker. “

Company MRF Multitools is a division of the company MRF Engineering, specializing in the production of mechanized systems. Universal 3.0 It is not their first creation. There is a card for credit card holders. Or even pocket knives.

Kickstarter, with an amount of $ 23.

Kickstar multitool page

What can I add? For 23 bucks you get a compact, convenient and highly functional tool. Initially, the amount of 5 thousand dollars, but more than 26 thousand dollars. Seriously, they say, “vote with a ruble.” In short, see for yourself. But the thing is really cool. I’m not paying for it. Understand the subject of a little bit.

The batch is a weight of 52 grams. Dimensions – 85 x 55 x 2 mm. Included are a penny and simple leather “sheath” covering the blade. If you’re looking to make it.

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