“Universal” approach to survival and preparation for BP

In matters of equipment for survival, there are two extremes:

  • Readiness for everything by preparing reserves for all occasions. In common parlance – rambo’s way.
  • Readiness for everything by draining skills and abilities. People know how: the path of the Vietnamese Partizanbut.

As usual, the truth is somewhere nearby. It is clear that I want to have everything for all occasions and at hand. It will be stupidly prevented.

Again, everything depends on where it is necessary to survive. It’s five completely different. action scenarios.

Again, the situation in which to survive? War? Mass riots? Global cataclysm? Zombie invasion? Just went well (well, or lost)? Each time it is a completely different situation.

Further more. And what essence of survival? How long do we need to survive? Do you really have to go through a week or two? Or a month? Or a year? And in what conditions? Because for example, if it’s not electricity, then to count? On the generator? Did you hear him rumble? You can even hear it.

Or, for example, winter? No, the issue of firewood is simple and straightforward. But here is the same situation as with the generator. Only this time they will pull up on the smoke.

It is not visible and audible. Where do people walk. That is off the beaten path. But then a new question arises. Wilderness? And when to drag it? In advance? Are you sure you guess the time the onset of BP? And the BP comes? No, if you are a millionaire and an oligarch, then you can. You can build a bunker in the wilderness, you can build it.

But I don’t remember a millionaire who would read me)))

It applies to survival in the city, and in any locality.

It’s mutually exclusive. That is, we use either one or the other. Or, using one option, keep in stock another.

  • It is a democracy. And it’s where everyone responds.
  • In a small group (2-3 people), striving for maximum invisibility.

Actually, only these two things can give at least some hope to survive in any type of cataclysm of any type.

The aggressor. It can be placed compactly and imperceptibly. The provision of which will not be so burdensome.

That is, before you start hamster stew, bandages and cartridges understand and agree.

Why am I writing this? To the fact that the situations are very different. BUT universal recipeIn for all occasions, in most cases not. And, as I like to say, “the devil is in the details.” it would be very different to survival in principle. Although it would seem to be the city at the base. For example,

And if the war not occupational, but civil? It’s not a problem. I wouldn’t be so sure.

What if the zombie apocalypse, eventually?

In short, the situations will be different. And the emphasis on “materialism” will also be different. And the sets will be different. Everything will be different. Universal recipes No, it can not be.

“Universal” approach to survival and preparation for BP

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