Universal soldier and his equipment. Part 1

Upgraded 5.56 mm assault rifle SA80A3 of the company Heckler & Koch, in the 2020s, it will be possible to replace alternatives, including 6.5 mm cartridges

For current and future operational scenarios? You can’t be answered easily.

It will be possible that it will be deployed. This applies to all types of equipment deployed by military units, which varies from small arms and related equipment protection and communications equipment.

No one could have foreseen that led by asymmetrical campaigns USA and NATO in relatively tolerable combat conditions in Afghanistan and Iraq NATO forces will again be forced to take military measures in response to more traditional threats Of russia, who were annexed Crimea March 18, 2014, in Ukraine.

In addition, many military experts were in time. Islamic State and the Levant (ISIS *) fighting in the north Of iraq and in Syria, which now apply traditional combat tactics It is a fact that it is not a problem. In addition, there wasn’t one ISIS it has been killed and has been killed for around 300. It’s killed and wounded.

It has been noted that this has been the case in the United States of America. this equipment and systems will become “unused” or completely unclaimed before they are deployed.

Urgent operational needs, especially those that are formed NATO and allied countries that have been operated in the last decade in Afghanistan and Iraq, The schedule of variations for the operational schedule described above. Supplies of category cars MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected). However, long-term procurement processes remain a significant headache for the industry.

The industry is currently routinely developing night-vision devices with minimal emission of luminous flux. Fighter’s position during covert night operations.

Special operations forces (MTR) for the most flexible procurement process. Flexibility consists of a shorter time frame compared to the procurement cycle. This allows relatively small units Mtr Long-term procurement plans. This is a tendency to fully implement the equipment. special units.

If you look at operations in Afghanistan Over the past 10 years, there has been a declining effect. It will be considered.

Trying to determine the extent to which it has been carried out at the International Institute for Strategic Studies. Ben barry 180-degree turn in the modern combat space traditional fighting. As an example, he called the development of militants ISIS This is an organization that is able to traditional fighting thoughtful military campaigns using armored vehicles and main battle tanks. It is clear that there has been a lot of effort in the field. attack and capture urban areas.

Conference on soldier technology in june 2015 Barry talked about how ISIS took control of Iraqi city Ramadi during a sandstorm. He soldiers fired on shells. It was followed by the aggression of the attack, it was followed by a number of attacks. these gaps.

This is a sign of a return. concepts general combat, there is a clear departure from the rebel tactics used in Afghanistan and Iraq heterogeneous Islamist partisans NATO and coalition partners leading ISIS it is necessary to both Afghanistan, will become unclaimed in this particular battle. Barry He must be paid to the resulting inequality of opportunity. These include protection from improvised explosive devices (IED), it can be used as a vehicle for combining urban areas.

In the case of the equipment, it will be a significant impact. number of its combat units from 13 people to 8-10 people. It was taken as a basis for a detachment of eight soldiers.

“There is a need to diversify the size of the weapons and a set of weapons. In the wake by the number of equipment worn by soldiers. “

There is a concept that can be used to apply the modular and scalable “toolbox” or “golf bag” concept. Mtr equipment for various types of sensors and communication equipment.

Thermal imaging devices, communications equipment and other devices, Mark richter, responsible for developing the concept of the forwarding department USMC, It was clear that he could not understand how to disperse the information. overall identification and classification of targets. ”

However, Richter hurry to mention the problems of the infantrymen USMC. The corps wants to start. This study will have a significant impact on the composition of military equipment, in particular dismounted soldiers.

In the case of the integration of equipment and equipment, it is possible to achieve It was suggested: “We’re ground platforms regarding the transmission of images and data ”.

Speaking of the Vectronix Philip conrad described several “mega-trends” in the market, including “interconnection, individualization and urbanization … So we can maximize the effectiveness of combat operations”. The agreement on the same time operative picture, The process of making tactical decisions.

For the assault rifle of 6.5 mm and 6.8 mm

Urbanization leaves its mark. More fighting clashes it occurs at a short distance. For example, it can be seen from example of destroyed cities. Syria and northern Of iraq.

“A modern soldier has to complete his task,” added Konrad.

And finally, it can not be circumvented. Whether it is a jungle or arctic reconnaissance patrol VBSS marine operations There are no restrictions on the number of people who visit the board. .

In the jungle region of the Asia-Pacific region, it’s not a problem. Scientist Steve hewwood, “Jungle is the most complex environment.” He further added: “Body protection has changed. But this is a diabolical necessity … However, he acknowledged that he could not reach his feet.

The Canadian Department of Defense Enrik boufar minus reason can be reached 50 degrees, plus 50 degrees. “It is a life of the shelter that you can use.”

“It’s just survival, not fighting in the winter. You need. Keep it soldier can keep it charged. “

Buffar talked about Canada works for provide opportunities for “collecting energy” in winter. For mobility systems, for example exoskeleton; combat clothing to regulate body temperature; and night-vision goggles with anti-fog characteristics.

The assassination of the rifles of the M16 and the M16

Describing operations in south african bushveld (subtropical forest area in South Africa), electronic systems specialist Ahmed gisler It’s not a problem.

“It was difficult for the South African forces and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It was a hard but invaluable experience. It requires a lot of stress. “

Agreeing with mister Haywood, He added: “We always love our toys, but sometimes everything is good in moderation. You will see what will break. “

Finally, having touched the mist Richter of USMC for “quick release” systems, especially when anti-piracy operations or VBSS operations.

“The ability, when released, is crucial. In case of a global positioning system (GPS) signal, it is required

US forces and their 40-mm munitions, such as the M203 rifle grenade launcher (pictured)

A source

* – We’re remind you of what you’re talking about.

Universal soldier and his equipment. Part 1

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