Universal soldier and his equipment. Part 4

Situational awareness

In recent years, there has been a lot of attention. Canadian Institute for Defense Studies Defense Research and Development Canada (DRDC), development of technologies for the field of military science.

In the case of a carriage test . These systems include for sniper weapons. SWORD (Sniper Weapon and Observer Reconnaissance Device) companies General Dynamics and Colt canada and high-precision target reconnaissance and target designation system Pats (Precision Acquisition and Targeting System) company Kopin. SWORD It is a weapon-mounted surveillance and targeting device integrated with a hardened smartphone.

Glossary pistons for the 9mm caliberGlossary pistons for the 9mm caliber

Representative of the company Colt canada Jeff MacLeod explained: “The SWORD makes it true. It has been shown that it will be possible to combine the use of firearms for a number of people. SWORD doesn’t provide a computer or display; it provides completely new weapons-focused capabilities. The device includes GPS and GPS signals. A device communication unit based on the operating system Android, It can be used as a system for combating control systems.

System Pats, according to the company Kopin Michael Prezha, is a “fully integrated fire control system”. System Pats, There is no need for additional light sights. It consists of a laser range finder, a ballistic computer and a display with overlapping images. It is clear that “the PATS system has been reduced to a minimum of 600 meters,” Prezh continued.

In system Pats augmented reality technology is used in the real world, usually auxiliary and informative properties. It has been shown that it has been able to follow the rules. “It’s a way to make it possible to increase mortality,” concluded Prezh.

Meanwhile CDND is a contract on the integrated soldier Integrated Soldier System Project (ISSP) The equipment will be supplied.

GPS, tactical radio stations, end-user devices (ATD), low-noise communications, power-on-line systems, soldier. Phases 2 and 3 PCD. At the same time according to the program Land Command Support System Life Extension, which is headed by the institute CDND, long-range communications tools are being developed. As expected, the program will reach full operational readiness by 2018.

Bullet-proof vests are now obligatory for all enemy personnel. If you are not going to be able to make it, then you can’t beBullet-proof vests are now obligatory for all enemy personnel. If you are not going to be able to find a way to improve your mobility.

One of the existing contracts worth $ 39 million, finished with the Canadian division DRS Technologies, provides for vehicles of vehicles. Another $ 122 million contract was issued to a Canadian affiliate. General Dynamics, to companies Rockwell collins and SigmaPoint worn by dismounted soldiers. It is a headset that makes it possible for a radio station to receive radio transmissions.

It makes it easy to keep track of your life. . ” Invisio

It is also noted that it has been modernized to ensure that it has been subject to strict requirements. “For example, it is literally breathing,” he explained. There is a chance that there will be a difference in how much it can be.

One of the systems in service with special forces NATO, is a tactical communication and hearing protection system V60 Advanced Tactical Communication and Hearing Protection System company developments Invisio. There are two push buttons, one voice button, one button and one button. In addition, this headset allows you to work in local mode (self-audibility). “Solutions with inserts (in-ear headphones) were spent on soldiers’ returning. It has been confirmed that it has been the case. ” Invisio.

However, it’s not true that there’s more Can be called a headset ComTac XPI of the company 3M Peltor Communications Solutions. The headset, introduced in February 2015, features a new built-in “voice assistant” for low battery power; In addition, it became possible to adjust the sensitivity of the transceiver. But it is not clear that it can be protected from “dangerous noise”.

“With your ComTac XPI headset, you can hear warning signals and your colleagues. It’s not necessary to say that you’re not 3M Peltor Communications Solutions.

Requirements for future equipment and equipment;Requirements for future equipment and equipment;

Optical electronic devices also increase the lethality of weapons systems. An example is a British company. QinetiQ, which develops a shot determination device “Muzzle Flash Localization” (localization of the muzzle flame) of the British Ministry of Defense. According to a company representative, he was a soldier operating in an urban environment. For example, fighters were thrown at a distance of 800 meters of fire, including Dragunov sniper rifles.

It has been given that it has been approved for completion in 2016. This is a list of targets for the shooter, where they are Representative of the company QinetiQ reported that the current speaker systems are inaccurate. It is a reflecting sound waves. Alternatively, it is necessary to ensure that the IR sensors can be cooled down. They are too expensive and large. “

For this reason, the company’s decision QinetiQ It is still a matter of fact. movements. “This is a small, easy and cheap solution,” the spokesman added QinetiQ.

Recently, tests were conducted medium-wave IR camera OWL 320 HS SWIR of the company Raptor photonics climatic conditions in order to localize the AK-47, firing at distances up to 600 meters. After testing in the company QinetiQ accuracy of 90 percent. However, at the distance of 550 meters, Finally, a distance of 250 meters has been reached. QinetiQ The positives was zero. “We will try to refine the algorithms before re-testing. It is not a bad idea. “

Night vision goggles family Tactical Mobility Night Vision Goggles (TM-NVG) from company Harris raises target designation and target detection. This is a family version. TM-NVG Fusion with two channels: thermal imaging and with increased image brightness. Both systems are capable of receiving data there; In addition, they can receive full-frame video platforms. To date, under the program Finmeccanica Soldato Futuro (Soldier of the Future) 5000 points were delivered to Italy TM-NVG, and several thousand more systems were delivered to the named country. According to the company, it was also delivered to the Italian army. TM-NVG Fusion; these shipments will be completed in 2016.

It has been noted that the headsets, such as the Peltor invoice headset, will provideIt has been noted that the headsets, such as the Peltor invoice headset, will provide

Representative of the company Harris called the tactical advantage points TM-NVG, It is difficult to find out what the world is about. It is considered that these systems are available in the form of guns.

Initially, it was a radio station. Spearnet, Harris is a family of radio stations AN / PRC-152 and RF-7800. One of the most interesting glasses solutions. TM-NVG is to integrate augmented reality technology (DR). In order to obtain such opportunities Harris actively works together with the company Applied Research Associates (ARA).

Adding DR points TM-NVG This is an example of a thermal pattern. In addition, glasses TM-NVG Assigning a situation to the DR, for a task, it can be reprogrammed real time.

Representative of the company ARA “This is a superconfiguration of the real world.” “Magnetic magnetic disturbances” You can geo-referencing to the real world; They can appreciate this. ”This technology will be integrated into the system. TM-NVG in 2016. He has been added that he has not been able to comply with the American command of special operations. USSOCOM. The test center also participates in augmented reality technology. USAF.


Former soldier has been considered, for example, for various combat missions. One of the ways to improve the mobility of a soldier. Currently, the market offers several options, including exoskeleton HULC (Universal Universal Carrier for a person based on a universal supporting structure) Companies Lockheed martin and system family XOS of the company Raytheon sarcos; In addition, government agencies in several countries are developing several more models.

The design of the exoskeleton HULC of the company Lockheed martin It has been shown that there has been no loss of power. Exoskeleton HULC capable of moving loads weighing up to 90.9 kg over a distance of 20 kilometers at a speed of 10 km / h. HULC It can also be used as a framework for integrated systems, for 72 hours if necessary. In total, the system with lithium-polymer batteries, weighs 24 kg. Energy saving for a long time. With low batteries, it doesn’t limit mobility. The HULC exoskeleton can be loaded with a power supply, or Lockheed martin.

A similar concept is currently being evaluated by the military’s combat equipment department. TALOS (in command USSOCOM), for which many companies offer their solutions, including solutions Revision Military. This company has shown its concept Kinetic Operations Suit In the United States, it was implemented as an exoskeleton Prowler Human Augmentation System (system of addition of human capabilities). AT Prowler It’s not a problem. “Unlike many other systems, where it’s not,” it moves away from the body. It has been proven that it is by 33 percent. Revision Military. “It is a system that has passed through the region of the United States and Canada.” the Marine Learning Center at Camp Lydzhen in October 2014.

Meanwhile, the Dutch Organization for Applied Scientific Research Tno quasi-passive exoskeleton capable of operating without energy source. The second version of the exoskeleton Exo Buddy (Exo Buddy 2) It was clear that it was for irritation tests in August 2015. He explained: “ The area of ​​distribution of the body of a soldier and the automatic ground vehicles. But we chose an exoskeleton. “

There is a somewhat alarming trend. For example, a robotic self-propelled vehicle SMSS (Squad Mission Support System) Lockheed martin Received negative reviews after assessment tests in real conditions. Abandoned vehicles for example Scout xt of the company ReconRobotic.

It’s not a matter of what you need to do.It’s not a matter of what you need to do.

For the first option Exo buddy organizations Tno exoskeleton was used as a basis XOS 3 development Raytheon sarcos, although the scientist described it as “too complicated and expensive.” Estimated Tno, The dismounted soldier’s average while the exoskeleton itself Exo buddy 2 weighs only five. This is a pair of telescopic legs and legs, located on the hips, knees and ankles, plus hip straps connected to field boots. TNO has been published from the infantryman to the exoskeleton Exo buddy 2, although it was agreed that the operators used 12 percent more oxygen compared to the soldiers who worked without exoskeletons.

The following tests are scheduled for the end of 2015. Exo buddy 2. “Exo Buddy 2 exoskeleton, with the first technology demonstrator This is an example of how to mobilize Tno.

QinetiQ has been more accurate than speakers, such as a Raytheon-BBN Boomerang system.QinetiQ has been more accurate than speakers, such as a Raytheon-BBN Boomerang system.

Ergonomics and mobility TALOS, Hollywood companies are attracted. California companies Ekso Bionics and Legacy efects, For example, they are currently studying the first variants of combat gear. TALOS.

Universal soldier and his equipment. Part 4

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