Universal truck all-terrain vehicle Mercedes-Benz Unimog

Unimog (Unimog – abbreviated from Universalmotorgerat) means “universal transport device.” Mercedes Benz Unimog – There are vehicles with additional attachments. There are a lot of equipment for transporting people in extreme conditions.

First Unimog was developed immediately after the Second World War, in 1945, for use in agriculture. It is a speeding tracker than standard tractors. In 1949 they began to be mass-produced, and since 1951, the Daimler-Benz concern was issued.

Currently under the brand name Unimog ATVs of three series are produced:

  • The 437 heavy series (Hochgelandegangig in German, abbr. UHN) includes the U 4000 and U 5000 models designed for driving over rough terrain;
  • The 405 medium series (Geratetrager, UGN) includes the U 300, U 400 and U 500 models for use with attachments;
  • Light model U 20 (since 2008; based on the cabin) Accelo (Caminhoes Leves).

“Unimoga” have a high ground clearance, therefore, it is not a standard truck. Advantages of this family of trucks include portal bridges.

Today, trucks of this brand are distinguished by unsurpassed maneuverability, reliability and efficiency. This is a type of technology.

Design features ensure all types of trucks are all terrain. Thus, it’s not possible to say that it’s not a problem.

This is a series of universality in demand. At the base of the line Unimog Railway tracks are produced.

German Unimoga you can meet everywhere:

  • Military transport vehicles (on the chassis of the Unimoga, by the way, the Dingo armored personnel carrier was created)
  • Fire trucks
  • Command and control vehicles
  • Expedition Vehicles
  • Snow blowers
  • Public transport
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Construction equipment (cranes, drills, work baskets, manipulators, platforms)
  • Locomobiles (cars equipped with rail guides for driving on rails)
  • There are also racing specimens (truck race and Dakar rally)

In Russia, the so-called “caravans” of the VIP class, especially admired by


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