Unsuccessful robbery: The attackers are detained

Yevgeny Dedanin, a 41-year-old entrepreneur from Bugulma,

For each reason, I’m not sure they want to protect themselves. But in fact, everything can be otherwise otherwise.

8 am Bugulma Private Sector. Someone Eugene Dedanin leaves the house and goes to his own garage. And what’s the res polite ’? Stupid things, so he submits. Turns criminals into a house where they knit him, his wife and a friend. Well, what if you’re armed robbers are against you?

However, they’re trying to get out of surveillance cameras, where they’re managed to “light up” …

Provident citizens caught, however. But it was a fact that it was knitted with a rope. A man unleashes and tries to resist. Eugene runs to the kitchen and grabs two kitchen knives.

“I thought that I’m thinking of it when I’m frighten …”

This is a very interesting way to get your opponents. It doesn’t stop him.

Well, it should be guilty. In addition, according to our laws and regulations, it’s not a problem. Say, it doesn’t cancel anything. And it doesn’t matter.

Evgeny is a cruel man in the criminal case.


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