Unusual edible mushrooms. Part 2

The world of the world. If you want to eat it, it’s better to take it. But in other countries, it resembles a mushroom that goes into food. But is it possible to eat it or not? At first it was established empirically, and then it was passed on from generation to generation.

Actually, this is how the information about unusual mushrooms, It is mildly strange. So inexperienced mushroom pickers often just pass by them. Since you don’t know, don’t take it! Therefore, we will tell you about unusual edible mushrooms.

Horned yellow

It’s an unusual thing to know what it’s like, edible mushroom horned yellow. There are also varieties of yellow, cream and orange shades. The hair grows mainly on the rotten wood. Nevertheless, you can eat – the fourth category. It is extremely simple – where it can be found?

Hedgehog motley

The color of this mushroom really doesn’t hint at edibility. Nevertheless – the fourth category. After soaking and digestion in certain waters – it is quite possible to eat and eat. As they say it often harvests it is a mushroom like a mushroom. Nothing special. It grows mainly in coniferous forests, as it comes into symbiosis with coniferous trees. Also, there are other varieties of which we are interested in urchin yellow. It is rather difficult to get poisonous with it, because it is a fungus. But collect it rarely.

Chanterelle tubular

It is a separate group of “folded” mushrooms. This is the word “tubular”, which is often hollow. This, and even in combination with tumb edges, edible mushroom It is a pleasant nutty, even fried, even salty. It is very characteristic. And if you’re normal chanterelles, then all the better!

Saffron float

Experienced mushroom pickers know that even among the Amanita are found edible mushrooms. And it is very experienced. Actually, saffron float is just such a mushroom. It differs from the classic mushroom ring. It is better not to touch. Usually grows in symbiosis with birch, at least – beech and oak. Often found in the forests of the middle belt. Most often, it is first boiled, and then fried. Dual temperature processing helps to significantly improve taste and digestibility.


The mushroom itself is dumb. It can be confused with the line autumn – poisonous. Well, theoretically. In fact, their shape is very different. Edible mushroom line – folded, asymmetrical, covered with numerous “brains”. Autumn lines often resemble relatively smooth domes. While the edible fungus begins to grow. In fact, it can be harvested. They are first boiled in several waters, and then fried. Pretty tasty, as they say.

Unusual edible mushrooms. Part 2

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