Unusual Parabiner Multitul Para-Biner V2

How much functionality can you squeeze out of your carbine? Hawaiian metalworkers from the company ask themselves Ti2. And their latest creation is Para-Biner V2, pushes the boundaries of the possible even more. They were very useful and effective. They turned it into something very much more ideal, EDC tool.

Paracord and carbine. You already know how to paracord EDC facilities – This material helps to cope with many tasks. And if you combine it with Para-Biner V2, then the functionality increases many times. Holes and clamping rods

But the functionality is not limited to this. Para-Biner V2 by itself – full-fledged integral multitool, It is also possible to ensure that it can be scrapped, wrenched, unscrewed and wound up. It can be a breakdown of the most durable materials, such as titanium, zirconium, bronze and copper.

This will be some time in December. But pre-order can still be issued.

From the editor:
So. I would say I’m a little bit different. Especially copper. Titanium and zirconium – still normal. Bronze – too. But copper … We are simple people accustomed to steel. The pin, by the way, is made of steel 440C in all cases. It’s not a problem. But the rest is awesome. At least use your key suspension. One minus is the price. 50 for complex ones.


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