Ural-VV: Tactical armored special car

New model armored car Ural-BB development of the order “BB”, present in the title.

According to reports, the customer has been promising armored car. They took into account the experience of vehicles and unprotected vehicles in recent conflicts. It’s not a problem.

Among other requirements for the car Ural-BB Of the armored hull. Armed forces corps. In the cab and the troop compartment. This is a large number of hatches. There is a need for a small number of doors and hatches.

The development of the armored car. “Ural” (Miass) and the Moscow Research Institute of Steel. This is the case for the armored body. For the first time armored car Ural-BB It was shown in September last year, at the Russian Arms Expo-2013 in Nizhny Tagil. It is a view of the promising armored vehicle.

As the basis for armored car Ural-BB It’s a car of its class. The three-axle chassis is equipped with a YaMZ-536 diesel engine with 310 hp. This is an engine and chassis terrain.

Armored car body Ural-BB In the case of mines and improvised explosive devices. According to domestic standards, the bead-class 5 and the glass compartment of the TNT. This is an additional feature of the engine and gearbox placed under them. Experience in operating has been shown.

For planting and leaving the car has several doors. There is a wide double door. For the pneumatic cylinder. If necessary, it can be lowered manually. Volumetric cargo compartment allows armored cars Ural-BB up to 17 people, including the driver (there are only 13 seats). The fighters are located along the sides. According to some reports, there were no armchairs, perhaps in the future.

If you’re developing a car, you’re taken into account. To create a comfortable environment habitable volume of the machine. Ural-BB It is important to ensure that the equipment is not affected by the equipment. It should be noted that these devices are declared as standard.

Armored car Ural-BB It is not possible to use crews. There is one such device. You can use attack targets in any direction.

Big party Ural-BB unprotected trucks and armored personnel carriers available there. It is an interesting idea. Unlike, armored cars Ural-BB This is a fact that it has been significantly accelerated.


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