Urban Warrior cannon that shoots potatoes

A cannon is an artillery cannon firing projectiles specially designed for it. Shells are usually designed to contain explosives. But today we will tell about another weapon. No bombs in the ammunition is not provided. Will push the TNT into … potatoes?

Exactly. You all right read. A gun Urban warrior From the company Mile Cannon shoots the root-projectiles, however, they were distracted.

TTK of the manual tool Urban warrior very solid: cannon-like roar However, it can be a bit more difficult to find a ball. It is cheaper. Hair spray is used as food for the shot. It is unlikely to be understood.

And now about safety. A gun Urban warrior, sending shells a quarter mile can not injure a person. IN NO EVENT, DO NOT GOAL TO PEOPLE. Be careful, otherwise injuries can not be avoided.

Urban Warrior cannon that shoots potatoes

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