Urgent news: The terrorist attack in Manchester. 22 dead, 59 wounded

World terrorism once again delivered his well-aimed blow. This is the city of Manchester, United Kingdom. Results – 22 dead, 59 wounded. And now the details.

May 22, 2017. Stadium Manchester Arena

The stadium hosts a concert by singer Ariana Grande. Net pops are at the concert. And now, closer to the audience, during the performance, at 22.40 the audience heard a loud bang. And after a few seconds, panic and cries for help begin.

Immediately evacuation, on-site doctors are trying to provide first aid. Wounded as a lot of blood, a lot of blood, a lot of wounded. An 8-year-old child was dead among the dead. But it’s not clear that everything is checked. Closed and nearby station. The armed forces patrols are cordoned off.

Details of the terrorist attack in Manchester

It was found that the explosive device was activated. suicide bomber. When people began to disperse. But just started, otherwise there would be more victims.

Responsibility for terrorist attack, understandably, immediately took over ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation, CIS countries and Europe). However, it’s not possible to speak of the whole organization. However, ISIS terrorist attack supported and called “legitimate and fair bombing in Syria.”

And now a few features of the mentality. This is still a normal human solidarity. But it is due to terrorist attack it is at least unexpected. It’s a trick to play it! ”, But it’s not. Is decency? I would like to believe.

The identity of the terrorist has been established.

According to the data suicide bomber. And this is not a desperate Syrian refugee. The terrorist – someone Salman abedi It was 22 years old. British citizen. A decent Muslim, moreover – a Muslim school.

And not to say that. Although it is a member of several street gangs. Yes, there was one episode: during the preaching of terrorism, he said, “they say,” The warriors of Islam, then, seo. 3 months ago, Salman, went to Libya. From where he returned just a couple of days ago. Returned and went to act.

He has turned out to be Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (also where it was exploited by the expert and various countries),

Manchester after the terrorist attack

I can tell you about the law threat to society?

But he was a bit bang and kills children. No seriously. This is not inciting hatred on religious grounds. This is a specific question.

The followers of the Prophet Mohammed, especially from the followers of the Prophet Mohammed. He remains acts of terrorism.


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