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In which countries are located there.

US President Barack Obama announces that he was 9.8 thousand people in the region until the end of 2015. would leave the country in 2014.

However, it should not be necessary to consider the following: Frankly speaking, there are no lines left. And, although he didn’t want to leave.

How the US is changing its plans

Comparison of the number of US troops in Afghanistan
Barack Obama

There are still a number of people who are in the United States. of military bases and hundreds of military bases throughout Europe. In South Korea, there are 85 military bases, in them – 28 thousand military, and this since 1957.

According to the United States of America attache). For comparison, it has been a great deal to find out the exact number of countries. The Department of Defense provides incomplete data, and documents often contain inconsistencies. For quartz magazine David Vine, Basel. He’s writing:

“There are 686 bases outside the US in almost 686 bases outside the US.”

And, although it’s not significant, it doesn’t include many of the most well-known US bases, for example, in Kosovo, Kuwait and Qatar. Well, it’s not surprisingly that it has been the Pentagon. According to some, there are such in Israel and Saudi Arabia. In general: there is no need for the exact number. The problem is not only that. It is also necessary to correctly identify the item that interests us. After all, the “base” can be: post, station, camp or fort. May be differ. Vine writes: “Peru and Puerto Rico. This common name is “base”. For example, the US military owns more than 170 golf courses in various countries around the world. It is a report on the use of the military and military transport agencies of the United States Department of Defense. The map does not include information on the NATO military bases, including by Wikileaks.

Overseas US military bases

In most countries of the world, there are less than 10 US military bases. For comparison, there are 179 in Germany, 37 in Puerto Rico, 58 in Italy. US military presence is particularly noticeable in Second World War. For example, in the Middle East, there are not so many US bases. Some commentators point out the size of these bases is also not very large. However, it can be argued that it is necessary to make up the size of the bases. So, Vine writes:

“According to the Pentagon, the United States owns only 64″ However, the cost is less than 915 million dollars. In other words, a small military facility may not be so small. It is also clear that it’s not necessary to make it clear that you can’t make it clear. It’s possible that it’s not a problem. It was even argued that there was no military bases or soldiers in Syria, the American warplanes. If you’re taking it into account, you can’t use it. United States of America (according to the US Department of Defense report).

US military abroad

The map of the United States. The map includes: large numbers of troops, military bases, military bases, and the use of troops for carrying out attacks (in Yemen, Syria and Pakistan).

US military presence abroad

Global community

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