US Army Veteran Tips: If You Go to War

Ilya Basyuk, a Russian by birth. He spent 263 days in the desert. American soldier cares, going to fighting (compare your concerns with ours).

If you have to soon go to war, may not be too much for you. It can’t be avoided. Excessive illusions harm a person. Thus, it’s possible that you’ll be able to live up to your responsibility.

Ideally, you have a few weeks. Start preparing from the moment when you know about the future shipment.

Physical and psychological training

  • Write a will: with of war do not always return … Take care of your family, loved ones, insure your life. It is a rule of thumb. Understand your civil obligations – car, apartment, debts, alimony, etc. Calm your family, even if you are not.
  • Do not lose vigor, do not panic. A certain amount of fear of the future. Your future opponent is also scary.
  • Get all the vaccinations you need. As a rule, your commanders are responsible. In the field of water, personnel are often ill. Being in war is absolutely not fun. And fraught with. Observe sanitary discipline.
  • Phone numbers, email, phone numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, email addresses; I advise you to jag. Take envelopes (stamps) in advance. It will be a little bit more irregularly. On arrival, try to find the right people. Try to get through to the Internet. Contact with staff members. You are worried about you.
  • Begin to train hard. More sweat – less blood. The better prepared you are. If you are driving around the top; you can also run well up and down the stairs. Increase the duration of your workout. It will be easier at war. Remember that endurance is important, not muscle size. Size is for beauty, endurance is for business. I also highly recommend the training day at night. It’s a challenge to make a return to home.
  • Be a professional in war. There are various types of weapons (including the future enemy), the terrain is absolutely necessary.
  • Learn about the potential opponent. Study at least superficially the history, culture, psychology of this nation (peoples). The literature also reflects the national character quite well. Learn your opponent.
  • Learn to enjoy a little water, a fresh wind, a cigarette, a conversation. Learn how to savor it, appreciate it.
  • Sleep hard and uncomfortable. Get used to sleep a little and in fragments.
  • If the weather is bad, be sure to exercise outside.
  • Try to develop intuition. True, I do not know how …
  • Strengthen the spiritual core. Everyone has their own. Belief in God, meditation, love for a woman or family, creativity – poetry or journaling. If you have a strong spirit
  • Collect all the available information:
  • Be ready to die. It is too weapon. All sooner or later will die, Paradoxically, but if you are ready to die, then your chances of survival and victory will increase.
  • If you are going to The team is easier to survive. Support the team and the team will support you. Make sure you are respected. Respect yourself and others. – be decisive and cruel. But treat comrades with heart. Often important, but the spirit. It is easy to use it. This comes with time, if you make an effort.


  • (Although, of course, 90 – 95% of superiors). Wrist watches, watches, watches, watches, watches and watches, 2- 3 favorite books, a notebook, pens, envelopes, cigarettes (more), lighters and matches. Naturally, money and audio player (CD or MP-3 player).
  • Nails and feet cutout scissors. Be sure to bring along some waterproof bags. In such a bag, you can, if necessary, wash things with minimal water consumption. This is a salvation during a sandstorm. Do not forget the shops, it can be tie shops, put in order the ammunition and much more. The coil of cord is also always useful.
  • Grab a camera that is not a pity to lose. If you can print pictures, you will not regret it.
    If you are a woman, you can use it. Drugs, of course, do not recommend.
  • Do not forget – it’s a rule of thumb, carry on your hump.
  • You need them for many months! In the first place – a lot of shoes! This includes rubber boots for chemical protection (at least 2 – 3 sizes larger, since they are worn over the berets). The vest and helmet should not be the right size. If this is not the case, then your service will turn into sheer torment. Do you need to go? Put your “harness” in order (LBE, “bra”), nothing should hang out. Roll the extra straps into a tape and wrap tape around it. Expand, or develop pockets, check them latches on them.
  • Check springs in all stores! Backpacks and rucksacks fit Frequently used items are placed on top Heavy – if possible from below. Soft – to the back. Webbing should not cut the shoulders, achieve this.

Day for 3 – 4 before sending stop training and rest. Shave the skull and less hair: less dirt, less problems. The most notable load Relax. Take a lot of time to sleep. You can consume alcoholic beverages, but in moderation. Do not panic. See you, say goodbye to close people. Do not frighten them and yourself. Once again, be optimistic.

I noticed that many learn only from their own mistakes. I completed my task.

US Army soldier Ilya Basyuk

US Army Veteran Tips: If You Go to War

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