US cities whose residents are required to have firearms

You look at the situation with weapons in your own country, and you sigh heavily. And then you are taken to console yourself that everything is not so bad – there are legal ways to get permission and have a firearm in your own use. True, it is impossible to use it later for self-defense without fear of even greater problems than if there were no weapons at all. And then you read the Internet and find out that, for example, in the same USA there are cities in which civilian firearms are not a right, but an obligation.

Aha, at the local level, laws have been passed that oblige every resident of the city to own at least one firearm. And train with him regularly. And then the sheriffs complain that they have almost no work – when you firmly know that absolutely every person has a trunk – somehow they immediately become more polite. And this situation is typical for a number of US cities in different, which is typical, states.

Kennesaw, Jogea

A law obliging citizens to have a firearm and be able to handle it was adopted in Kennesaw already in 1982. However, already at that time, the overwhelming majority of the 5 thousand inhabitants of this beautiful place owned firearms. The law simply enshrines this as the “norm”. But the law did not provide punishment for its non-observance, so this, frankly, is just a formality. However, the number of crimes fell by 75 percent, compared with the year 1981. And then only decreased. And within 20 years since the adoption of the law, only 3 murders occurred in the city, only one of which was with the use of firearms.

Nelson, GA

In 2013, Nelson a similar law was passed obliging citizens to have firearms at home, however, also without penalties for non-compliance. Strangely enough, according to the logic of things, any law should provide for punishment and methods of its execution. If they are not there, then this is some kind of incomprehensible piece of paper that has no legal force. Perhaps this is due to the fact that local laws must take into account both state and federal laws. Which, nevertheless, have higher priority.

Nakla, Colorado

The law on compulsory possession of firearms was adopted in the cities Nakla in 2013. It is rumored that in connection with the events of 2012 – the shooting at the Sandy Hook School and in one of the cinemas located in the state of Colorado. Local residents believe that in this way the city council is trying to secure them additionally – let the potential criminal better say that everyone he has a weapon, since such a law has been passed. And whether it really is or not – there is no one willing to check.

Virginia, UT

A similar law ordering every citizen to have a firearm in possession was passed in Virginia in 2000, but also somehow formally. Most of the inhabitants were already armed. When everyone armed themselves, the picture of crime immediately became similar to the one that was observed in the above-mentioned Kennesaw.

Gun Barrel City, TX

In general, it is surprising that Texans, famous for their insane love of arms, adopted such a law only in 2013. And it is not surprising that the city authorities with the “talking” name did it first Gun Barrel City. The results are similar to the above. Seriously, the warning sign at the entrance to the city acts on any potential criminal very sobering.

It is a pity that such a development is impossible in our country. Well, the state will not give up its exclusive right to violence. Not the mentality, not the people.

US cities whose residents are required to have firearms

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